The Australian Leadership Crisis

Not all Australian leaders are incompetent or morally bankrupt.

Just too many in too many crucial positions.

Such as in politics (all sides), where they’ve forsaken the good of the country for their own good.

Such as the big banks where they’ve forsaken their employees, customers and shareholders for their own disgustingly generous and totally undeserved rewards.

Such as those pitifully incompetent, falsely entitled corporate leaders who care only for their own image, pockets and short term results, and less for their employees, and ultimately shareholders.

Examined closely, we discover that they aren’t really qualified to be leaders in the first place.

An MBA, or any university degree is not a leadership qualification.  Neither is past operational or technical excellence.

Winning votes isn’t a leadership qualification either, though our allegedly democratic system grants them authority.

In fact authority isn’t leadership either, it’s just authority.

People willingly follow effective leaders, working together for a common cause that’s bigger than themselves.

For too many leaders, their cause is themselves.

No wonder we have this crisis.

Being a respected effective leader doesn’t take much more than courage, better practice, continuous learning and the overriding desire to care for the people and a cause that’s bigger than themselves.

For the rest of what’s needed, they’ll get willing help and advice, from specialists moved by that leadership.

All we need now is for those leaders to step up, look closely and honestly in their mirror and act accordingly.

All they need to do is overcome their fear, their bad habits and their ignorance.

How can we help them to do that?

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