The Stupidity of Overblown Political Correctness

Once upon a time there was true freedom of speech, a tenet of democracy, where people could express what they felt, whether with passion, humility, or humour.

In those times listeners would simply choose whether the words applied to them or not, and disregard what they didn’t agree with.

In those times people had more resilience, perhaps because they had recently been through a tough global war.

Somewhere along the timeline, despite common sense, people were encouraged to take what others said personally, regardless of whether it was aimed at them or not.

They were encouraged to feel hurt by others’ words, whether true, relevant or not.

Now, if I don’t like what you say about anything, I can complain and declare that I’m offended, and maybe even launch litigation.

Some people seek attention through proclaiming sensitivity to other’s mere words, none of which are bodily blows.

Now, to these hyper-sensitives, words are regarded as physical and emotional weapons.

Maybe they always have been to those who feel powerless, despite the true alternative.

I acknowledge that there are those who have been disempowered and exploited in specific situations, dictatorships and corrupt powers.

I’m not talking about those unfortunates.   I’m talking about those of us who live in relatively functional democracies and are still behaving like precious deserving victims.

However, the wisest of us have listened and chosen to either respond or disregard, without emotion.

They have the wisdom to take nothing personally, whether praise or criticism.

Those of us who can remain calm and centred and ask clarifying questions, don’t need the protection of stupid political correctness, for that is the domain of those suffering imagined victimhood.

Those who wish to improve their resilience, and not require the protection of political correctness, would be served well by gaining attitudinal competence.

I welcome your response.

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