The Truth About Changing Other People

I’ve spent three decades helping people become better leaders.

Here’s my take of whether we can change others.

We can’t.

All we can do is model, inspire, persuade, or coach, and the result we’ll achieve is in direct proportion to their desire and effort to succeed.

Also, whether our message or training is effectively delivered.

Change in people is dependent upon one crucial fact.

For anyone to change anything about themselves, they must change their brain’s habitual way of doing the subject of the change, whether it be in thought, words or action.

That requires these four elements:

  1. Awareness of the requirement.
  2. Willingness to change.
  3. Knowing how to change.
  4. Consistent correct practice.

Those elements can only be done by the person desiring the change, not by the third party wanting them to change.

As leaders or influencers seeking change or improvement, we must recognise this fact and design our strategy accordingly.

What do you think?

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