Why a Lesser Investment in Leader Improvement Compared to Systems, Products and Services?

Everything about leadership has already been written, argued, demonstrated and preached continuously for at least 5000 years.

The evidence proving the importance of leadership is overwhelming and unarguable.

Every respected learning institution has a school devoted to leadership.

Despite this, we see operating organisations of all types, with the possible exception of defence establishments, minimising or ignoring the opportunity to invest effectively in leadership development.

Their focus instead is on the technical and operational aspects, products and services, processes and systems.

People are routinely promoted to leadership roles because of their technical or operational expertise, not their leadership skills.

I am investigating why this is so.

I understand the revenue imperatives; the cost controls; the sales and marketing issues, where most investment takes place.

I also understand the criticism of many leadership development offerings and results.

I do not understand why more organisations don’t demand a return on investment for leadership development, preferring instead to just “tick the box”.

I don’t understand why the avoidance of investing effectively or even proportionally in leadership occurs.

The best ideas, products, services, systems and finances, are all operated by people who desire effective leadership to help them to excel in their roles.

Yet the primary focus is on the material not the people.


Evidence of success of those few organisations who do focus primarily on their people is overwhelming.   Yet the rest seem to ignore the facts.


As a military trained leader who has been consulting, training and coaching leaders for the last twenty odd years with solid results, I can attest that every person I’ve helped has been keen to improve as a leader and every one of them has lamented that their organisation isn’t as interested as they are.


Is the cause as simple as fear, inappropriate habits/beliefs/agendas and ignorance?

Or is there something else?

I’d appreciate hearing your thoughts about why too little investment is made in this crucially important part of organisational success and sustainability.

Please let me know what you think.

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