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A Common Cause of Difficult People, Conflict and Under Performance?

July 7, 2021

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Have you considered the impact of individual and collective negative self-talk?

For most of us it’s based upon our existing limiting beliefs and is a reaction to the triggers of those beliefs.

They can cause us to judge ourselves, others and our situations, making them identical to our limiting beliefs.  

That negative self-talk reflects our fears, negative habits and ignorance.

That negative self-talk is also habitual. 

That’s thinking on ‘automatic’.

What would happen if we responded to triggers with positive,  useful and factual self-talk?

What if we could make that a better habit?

That would mean thinking on ‘manual’ instead of ‘automatic’.

I specialise in helping individuals and organisations deal with difficult people and conflict, both of which create performance issues.

A common cause of those behaviour and performance issues is individual and collective negative self-talk.

Deepening our self-awareness helps us to choose manual thinking of a positive useful and factual nature instead of an automatic habitually negative fearful and ignorant nature.

It only requires consistent correct practice to master, not a psych degree!

When I work with difficult people and help them recognise their self-talk, especially when there is conflict with others who also have negative self-talk, the resolution is fast and deep.

When they reach a point of unconditional forgiveness within themselves first, magic happens.

The individual pay-off is massive.

At an organisational level it’s stupendous!

Do you think that’s worth pursuing?

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