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Are We Feeling Grief or Gratitude?

April 16, 2020

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Photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash

Recently, the euthanasia of our friend’s beloved dog tipped me into the heavy feeling I recognise as grief.

I also knew this grief was not only about the dog.

It was about everything else we are all experiencing.

In that moment I had forgotten what I could, instead, be grateful for:

  • The dog is at peace and in no pain.
  • I’m healthy.
  • My family’s healthy.
  • I can pivot to delivering my service online.
  • I can remain socially connected via live technology.
  • I’m with my partner and youngest daughter and can easily contact my other children, their children and my brother.
  • I can still leave the property and exercise and shop (carefully).
  • I can help others adjust to their new working conditions, especially leading staff who are now remote.
  • I’m competent with the technology I have, to stay connected and serve online.
  • I live in Western Australia.
  • Our governments have stepped up to help in ways I never expected.
  • Our health and related services are heroic and committed to saving as many lives as possible at great risk to themselves.
  • I’m seeing more purposeful collaboration than partisan criticism.
  • I’m experiencing the quietness of nature, save for the birds of our neighbourhood.
  • The air’s clearer, there’s noticeably less traffic.
  • Despite the habitual media focus on the negative, I see us all attempting to lift each other with our versions of humour, inspiration, hope and help.
  • We now have time to reflect, reset, recover, renew.

I’m hoping we may finally learn the following from this global experience:

  • Money is NOT more important than life and our planet.
  • We are fantastic when we help each other.
  • “Enough” is all we ever need.
  • Commerce practiced with equity between people planet and profit works wonders
  • Real truths must be faced, not spun into less or lies.

How we behave now will determine our future, personally and collectively.

Now I feel better, having changed the chemicals of my body from grief to gratefulness in a truly short time!

I will continue to think that way, speak that way and take action that way.

And you can too.

Alternatively, you can take this free 10-minute course and rapidly become grateful.

Stay well, feel grateful.

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