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Are You Fearless or Courageous?

October 21, 2021

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I just read a very well-intentioned article inviting us to be FEARLESS now.

It’s fine to be fearless if that’s how you feel about the subject of your fearlessness.

For instance, I enjoy public speaking and get satisfaction from the value my content gives my audience.  I’m unafraid to speak publicly now and am indeed fearless about it.  

I wasn’t always. 

Over time, with the training I’ve had in speaking, including having had many excellent mentors, I’m no longer fearful and therefore don’t require to be courageous about public speaking.

Fear is a natural feeling designed to protect us from harm.  

It’s an essential survival tool!

If you have some fear about a situation then you can choose COURAGE to deal with it.

Courage, like bravery, is being afraid and doing it anyway, because of your values in connection with the situation.

Soldier don’t win medals for being fearless. 

They win them for acting despite being in the presence of their fear i.e., bravery or courage.

Giving in to fear is another matter.  Sometimes it’s the wisest action.  Mostly it’s not.

Mostly we deploy our courage, based on living our values in the moment.

So please distinguish between fearlessness and courage.

See that fear is natural and most often courage is the pathway to follow.

Removing fear comes with development and practice. Sometimes a lot of practice!

It’s not something we can do easily in the first instance.

Until then deploy your courage.

What requires your courage?

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