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Board Directors: Too Many Are Weak or Ineffectual

July 23, 2013

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BoardroomI’m horrified at the extent to which CEO’s and their board of directors are at odds with each other, and even more so when I learn of why they are at odds. I’m dismayed at the lack of real understanding too many directors have regarding what really happens in the business. I’m sick of hearing directors seeking to get their retirement secure by being on “Five boards at $40k per annum”. I’m concerned that of all the levels in the workplace that ask for or receive coaching or mentoring, directors appear to be the least.

If the fish rots from the head and the board is the head, then is there any wonder that mediocrity and diminished productivity abounds?

I know there are many examples of great directors and great companies, but I believe they are in the minority.

What do you think? Am I mistaken? I am keen to hear your feedback.

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