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Business Continuity and the Immediate Importance of Effective Delegation

March 26, 2020

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Delegating tasks or projects has always been where cracks in execution can first appear.

Delegation is a skill that many leaders learn too late, at great cost to the organisation in reduced quality of execution, rework, delays, budget blowouts and even catastrophic failure.

Delegation models are usually only learned by the supervisor or leader, and often lead to the team not knowing important questions to ask for clarity.

Now, with enforced isolation and so many staff and their leaders determined to keep business going, effective delegation is even more crucial.

Over many years delegating across the military, law-enforcement and commerce and coaching business leaders for the last 20 years, I’ve found that most of the common delegation models have gaps.

Just prior to this pandemic and to help resolve the delegation gaps I created the Complete Delegation Framework™.

The framework covers every possible contingency.

It can be easily adapted by the leader to suit the delegation, whether simple or complex, and to suit the people executing the delegation.

The Complete Delegation Framework™ has been designed to be used not only by the leader but also by the team members.

Whether you are the delegator or the team member, you can use the framework to plan, clarify and achieve success, even if the task or project is complex.

The Complete Delegation Framework™ is supported by a 50-minute online video course with a downloadable e-book covering the important aspects of delegation and the Complete Delegation Framework™ templates.

You, whether leader or team member, can learn the framework online on demand and access the e-book and templates.

You also receive a certificate of completion, which helps with accountability.

By you using the templates, all the information required to effectively delegate is transmitted with all of you having shared clarity, confidence, commitment and competence to successfully execute the task or project, whether working remotely or together.

I’ve reduced the price of the package from US$87 per person to just US$17 per person so that it’s affordable during these difficult times.

Here’s the link to the 50-minute course and the downloadable e-book and templates.

Stay well, stay in business.

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