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Corporate Culture, Leadership and the Law of Gravity

September 26, 2013

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Corporate Culture is critically important – it impacts on performance, innovation, productivity and profitability.

The culture of the corporation is merely the sum of the attitudes of the people in it.

To alter the culture requires altering the individuals’ attitudes.

That requires effective leadership where setting the example is the chief means.

After all, the culture depends upon what the leaders’ model, encourage, reinforce, or tolerate, don’t see or don’t allow.

It is the law of gravity – it all rolls down hill.

Smaller organisations can have flatter structures and can share this responsibility. That limit is about 30 to 50 people. Anymore in the organisation and a leadership structure is required. The alleged flat yet large organisation is a myth and belongs in the realm of fluff. Large flat organisations don’t last long enough to evolve a culture.

Sadly, most large organisations have dysfunctional cultures for most of the time.

Dysfunctional cultures are a direct reflection of the established leadership, unless they are in transition from dysfunctional towards being functional.

Once enough leaders realise that they have this responsibility, instead being focussed on the status of leader, we may see fewer people seeking leadership. Only those who are committed to serve their people and set the example will aspire for the role where loneliness, heavy responsibility, tough decisions and shorter terms of office are the norm.

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