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Could This Managing Director Be You?

October 24, 2019

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Photo by Pedro Ribeiro on Unsplash

Paula is the managing director and major shareholder of the public listed mining company.  They export three base metals.

They’re in full production in all three metals and whilst they’ve got ample future ore identified, they aren’t ready to expand yet for these reasons, as Paula describes:

  • “We want to stop exporting 20% of our current volume by 2024.”

  • “We want to value add with the retained volume and create more employment and better national capability.”

  • “I’m horrified that Australia is no better than Zimbabwe in relation our economic diversity and value-add capability, so we are doing something about that.”

  • “This is the fault of both state and federal governments, our own corporate management culture, our unions and our shareholders. We’ve neglected value add development and gone for the easy money and at the same time we’ve wage priced ourselves out of competition.”

  • “We as a nation are now dependent upon importing almost all of our value-added goods and products, paying a premium from the raw materials that came from here, and denying our population the career opportunities and ranking us with under-developed nations in terms of economic diversity and risk mitigation.”

  • “Most of everything that makes us income, including from my company, is from non-renewable resources.”

  • “I know our shareholders will complain that we’re diverting profits right now. That’s too bad.  I’m taking care of our business and our people for the longer haul, and hopefully helping our nation.  The shareholders will ultimately benefit anyway.”

  • “Besides, I’m not looking for short term thinking, quarterly return chasers as shareholders, but sensible long-term investors who share the vision.”

Yes, I may be dreaming.

However, I am looking for such a person to step up.

It doesn’t matter their gender or their industry sector.

If such a person was to step up, I’d support them in all their executive and staff selection and development for zero fee, it’s that important.

Any takers?

You can easily contact me.

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