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Employers’ Responses to the Pandemic

April 9, 2020

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Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

I’m curating these comments from a range of employers to help us choose our best attitude in navigating our way in this new world.

Who said them isn’t important.

What they say is revealing.

Which comments align with you?

Which ones do you disagree with?

The Comments

“I’m waiting to see what happens”

“I’ve laid off my staff and rebuilding my business the way I’ve always wanted to.”

“I’m planning to grow now.”

“I’m actually unsure of what to do right now.”

 “I’m going to start manufacturing to replace my dead service business.”

“This’ll pass and everything will go back to the way it was because we never learn.”

“I think everyone is overreacting.”

“I know I have to pivot, but I’m not sure to what.”

“We’re all online now, aren’t we?”

“I want to sell and quit, but who’s going to buy it now?”

“I need to be my best now, because my people will remember how I’ve behaved during this.”

“I’ve never been so uncertain and scared.”

“It’s shown me that there are more important things than my business.”

 “I’ve got time now to review everything and make some deep changes.”

“I’d have fallen over anyway, now I can blame it on the pandemic.”

 “I’m gutted and feel really guilty I had to let my staff go.”

“I don’t have any answers right now, but I will, believe me , I will.”

“It’s weird I feel frustrated yet excited. I believe good things will come of this.”

 “We are actually doing OK. The only problem is keeping our people connected and engaged.  They aren’t used to working from home.”

“I have to adapt because nothing’s ever going to be the same.”


Can you notice the range of responses?

Which comment is most aligned with how you think or feel?

What type of comments would you prefer to hear more of?

Stay well, lead well.

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