Executive Leadership Coaching

The simple truth is that all great champions have coaches.

The Busy CEO

Looking at your obligations
As a busy CEO or senior executive, you find you are spending a huge amount of time taking care of and developing your people as well as those tasks, projects, and liaisons that are in your remit.

This usually means that most CEOs and senior executives have too little time to attend to their own development needs. The following is a good reminder of what is needed in today's key leadership roles.
Authentic transformational leadership is a whole life of learning
Improvement is your obligation
The simple truth is that all great champions have coaches.
An executive coach that is a good fit with runs on the board
David has been successfully coaching CEOs and senior executives for over 20 years, with many of them becoming lifelong friends and many working with David for their entire engagement iterations, with a few between 10 and 20 plus years and still.

A good fit between you and your coach is essential. David makes this process easy with a free call that you can easily schedule online. Take the next step with no obligation to speak with David and see what is possible.
The simple truth is that all great champions have coaches.

Shawn Murphy

Skill Hire, CEO
“His vast experience and training leads to coaching filled with practical tools underpinned with his unique set of IP, for participants to elevate their leadership skills. Every time I have engaged David, the leadership behaviours of my senior leaders has improved dramatically which has had an amazing impact on the teamwork, comradery, culture and of course, financial success of our businesses. David is an invaluable partner and trusted adviser and the most effective Executive Coach and mentor I have worked with.”

Chris King

CEO Splend
“David’s helping us improve Splend’s leadership capability and culture, as we prepare to significantly scale our global fleet platform through electric vehicles. I have certainty and confidence in his work due to long standing support David has provided to me over my career.”

Peter Rowles

Former CEO of Underground Services of Australia
“David has been my career coach for many years now. David is a humble, trustworthy person and I would trust David with my life. David’s coaching has helped me work through many difficult decisions and I am a better person at work and at home because of this.”

Pete Zadeian

NAJA Business Consulting Services
“Take off the mask, do away with assumptions/perceptions, switch-onto manual drive and let people see your inner light and passion in that moment” These were some of the talking points in applying the power of respectful influence to enhance my leadership profile. David Deane-Spread asks questions that make you rethink your leadership behaviours within the reality of your surroundings. In my case it was putting into practice behaviours that I already knew but unable or unwilling to show; to allow my emotions to be present and always respectful.
David continually reminded me “you can do this – you already know this stuff - you have it in you”.
In my experience David Deane-Spread offers coaching in a style akin to that of an advisor; to enhance existing capabilities, improve resilience and to develop both personally and professionally.”

Kath Mazzella

OAM - International Speaker,, GYN Health advocate, author, recipient of 10 awards, 2018 Senior Australian (WA) Award,
“I cannot thank David enough for being so upfront and direct to make me think on a higher level taking me out of my comfort zone. Reaching for the stars. His expertise and calm manner made me feel at ease. Sharing his personal story with me helped me to connect and understand where he was coming from allowing me to be more open and direct. So thanks David for all you do.”

Your Coach and Mentor

Founder of Metattude and the Vortex Program™

David Deane-Spread

Helping leaders be the best they can be, for the common good of us all.
Trained to lead in the ADF, law enforcement, and another discreet agency, where he specialised in leading and developing covert operators working remotely and in high-risk/high-stakes situations.

Served as a CEO and Managing Director of both public and private companies in Australia and Europe.

The past 24 years in his calling as the founder of Metattude. Providing executive coaching and leadership consultation.

CEO and co-founder of NotioCell Pty Ltd, a biotech start-up that will disrupt the truffles industry and other organic opportunities.

Recently started a small cattle stud breeding Greyman cattle for our northern and hard country herds.

He’s also a keen didgeridoo player!

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