Executive Leadership Coaching for the Modern CEO 

The simple truth is that all great champions have coaches.

The Busy CEO

Looking at your obligations
As a busy CEO or senior executive, you find you are spending a huge amount of time taking care of and developing your people as well as those tasks, projects, and liaisons that are in your remit.

This usually means that most CEOs and senior executives have too little time to attend to their own development needs. The following is a good reminder of what is needed in today's key leadership roles.
Lifelong Learning & Authentic Leadership: Real transformational leadership is a journey. As a business leader, embracing continuous learning ensures you stay adaptable and relevant in an ever-evolving corporate landscape.
Commitment to Self-Improvement: Your decision-making abilities and communication skills can always be sharpened. Remember, commitment to improvement isn’t just about obligation—it's about leaving a legacy.
The Champions' Secret: The undeniable truth? Every great leader, from sports to business, has had guidance. All influential business leaders have had business coaches behind them, illuminating the path.
Finding the Right Fit: An executive coaching career is about pairing with the right coach who understands your unique challenges and has the seasoned professional experience to guide you.
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Turn Possibilities into Realities with Executive Leadership Coaching

For over two decades, David has been at the forefront of business coaching, mentoring CEOs and executives. Many have become lifelong friends, a testament to his one-on-one coaching prowess. With David, you gain a partner committed to helping you overcome challenges, enhance your coaching skills, and create meaningful change with key stakeholders.

A good fit between you and your coach is essential. David makes this process easy with a free call that you can easily schedule online. Take the next step with a no-obligation call and speak to David to see what is possible.

The Art of Executive Leadership Coaching

Executive leadership coaching is more than just guidance—it's an intricate dance that moulds the very foundation of today's business landscape. Just as every champion in the sports world has a coach guiding them to victory, the same holds true in the boardroom. Every accomplished CEO or senior executive has, at some point, benefited from the insights, strategies, and perspectives provided by their executive coaches. This partnership is often the silent force driving innovation, strategy, and successful leadership in the corporate realm.

Executive Coaching: The Key to Unleashing Your Full Potential

In the fast-paced dynamics of the modern business landscape, leadership development often gets overshadowed by the whirlwind of tasks, projects, and personnel management. However, executive leadership coaching can be the transformative factor in a leader's journey, opening up a spectrum of development opportunities.

An executive coaching program focuses on nurturing leadership skills through a structured coaching process. Regular coaching sessions are designed to foster a growth mindset, strengthen strategic thinking, and refine managerial skills. These interventions are often bolstered with formal training, personal and professional development programs, and introspective exercises to improve self-awareness.

Building Resilient Leaders with Executive and Leadership Coaching

Good coaches understand that leadership style is unique to every individual. Leveraging behavioural psychology and principles of positive psychology, they shape leadership coaching to match the personal style of each leader. From helping leaders understand their blind spots to enhancing their emotional intelligence, executive coaching services are all about nurturing meaningful change.

International Coaching Federation recognises the value that coaching brings to company leaders. As a result, many organisations have started to integrate career-oriented coaching into their human resources strategies.

Meeting the Right Executive Coach: The First Step to Success

Finding the right coach for executive and leadership coaching is crucial. As an executive, your time is invaluable, and your coaching engagements should reflect this. David, a seasoned executive coach with over two decades of experience, understands this intimately.

Through his coaching practice, David has been a sounding board for many senior leaders, facilitating their transition into influential leaders with critical skills that the business world demands.
Right Executive Coach

Tailoring the Coaching Relationship to Your Needs

David emphasises the importance of a strong coaching relationship. His coaching services offer a blend of corporate coaching, leadership coaching, and career coaching. Whether you're a new executive hire or a seasoned leader looking for some career development, David's coaching sessions are tailor-made to fit your needs.

His professional coaching is not just about imparting new skills; it's about developing a clear understanding of your leadership role and personalising your leadership style.
Strategic Team Development

Strategic Team Development: Leading Your Team to Success

The coaching program extends beyond individual development, focusing also on team development. By understanding team dynamics and empowering direct reports, leadership coaches help build robust leadership teams.

David is adept at coaching individuals and teams alike, fostering a climate of trust and mutual growth. From one-on-one sessions to group coaching, David’s approach aligns with the best practices endorsed by thought leaders and institutions such as Harvard Business.

A Visionary Approach to Executive Coaching Services

The term executive coaching often brings to mind a formal, career-focused process. But with David, it's much more than that. David's coaching approach creates a seamless blend of personal and professional growth.

For David, it's not just about being a good coach; it's about being the right coach for you. From the first coaching engagement to regular sessions, David is committed to fostering self-awareness, nurturing a growth mindset, and facilitating your journey of transformation.

With David's Executive Leadership Coaching, you’re not just hiring a coach; you're investing in your future.
Unleash your potential with David's executive leadership coaching services, and embrace the journey of transformation. Take the next step towards becoming the leader you aspire to be, with no obligation. Schedule a free call with David today and see what's possible.

Why Do You Need Executive Coaching?

Navigating the Leadership Labyrinth

No matter how accomplished you are as an executive, leadership can be a challenging labyrinth. An executive coach acts as your guide, helping you navigate through the complex maze of decision-making, strategy formulation, and team management.

Tailored Leadership Development

Every leader has a unique style, and a "one-size-fits-all" approach to leadership development often falls short. Executive coaching focuses on individual traits and harnesses them to mould a distinct, effective leadership style.

Bridging the Skill Gap

Today's business world demands a wide array of skills. From strategic planning to emotional intelligence, the modern leader is expected to be a master of all. Through leadership coaching, you can bridge any skill gaps and enhance your leadership skills.
Why Do You Need Executive Coaching

Executive Leadership Coaching Resources & Downloads:

Gains from Executive Leadership Coaching

Gains from Executive Leadership Coaching

Gains from Executive Leadership Coaching

Working with an executive coach can propel your career growth. By identifying and leveraging your strengths, and working on your areas of improvement, coaching sets you on a fast-track career trajectory.

Enhanced Team Dynamics

The role of a leader is not limited to self-development. Effective leadership also involves fostering a productive, harmonious, and motivated leadership team. Leadership coaching equips you with the skills to manage and lead your team more effectively.

Improved Business Performance

Leadership is the driving force behind any organisation's success. Through executive coaching, leaders can make better strategic decisions, improve operational efficiency, and drive business growth.

How Can Executive and Leadership Coaching Help Your Professional Growth?

Personalised Leadership Blueprint

Every leader is different, and so should their leadership blueprint. An executive coach helps you create a customised leadership plan that aligns with your goals, strengths, and organisational culture.

Enhanced Leadership Competencies

Executive coaching enables leaders to hone their leadership competencies, like strategic thinking, decision-making, and emotional intelligence. These enhanced competencies inevitably lead to better professional growth and opportunities.

Cultivating a Growth Mindset

One of the most significant benefits of leadership coaching is the cultivation of a growth mindset. By continually learning and adapting, leaders can stay ahead of the curve and excel in their careers.
How Can Executive and Leadership Coaching Help Your Professional Growth

Choosing the Right Coach: A Step Towards Success

Finding the right coach is crucial for a successful coaching journey. David, with his extensive experience and empathetic approach, has been the go-to coach for many leaders. His executive coaching sessions are designed to help leaders realise their full potential and steer their organisations towards success.

Whether you're an experienced leader looking for new perspectives or a new executive aiming to make your mark, David's executive and leadership coaching can provide the insights, guidance, and support you need.
Ready to take the leap towards transformational growth? Schedule a free call with David today and explore the possibilities. With David's executive leadership coaching, the sky is the limit for your leadership journey.

Shawn Murphy

Skill Hire, CEO
“His vast experience and training leads to coaching filled with practical tools underpinned with his unique set of IP, for participants to elevate their leadership skills. Every time I have engaged David, the leadership behaviours of my senior leaders has improved dramatically which has had an amazing impact on the teamwork, comradery, culture and of course, financial success of our businesses. David is an invaluable partner and trusted adviser and the most effective Executive Coach and mentor I have worked with.”

Chris King

CEO Splend
“David’s helping us improve Splend’s leadership capability and culture, as we prepare to significantly scale our global fleet platform through electric vehicles. I have certainty and confidence in his work due to long standing support David has provided to me over my career.”

Peter Rowles

Former CEO of Underground Services of Australia
“David has been my career coach for many years now. David is a humble, trustworthy person and I would trust David with my life. David’s coaching has helped me work through many difficult decisions and I am a better person at work and at home because of this.”

Pete Zadeian

NAJA Business Consulting Services
“Take off the mask, do away with assumptions/perceptions, switch-onto manual drive and let people see your inner light and passion in that moment” These were some of the talking points in applying the power of respectful influence to enhance my leadership profile. David Deane-Spread asks questions that make you rethink your leadership behaviours within the reality of your surroundings. In my case it was putting into practice behaviours that I already knew but unable or unwilling to show; to allow my emotions to be present and always respectful.
David continually reminded me “you can do this – you already know this stuff - you have it in you”.
In my experience David Deane-Spread offers coaching in a style akin to that of an advisor; to enhance existing capabilities, improve resilience and to develop both personally and professionally.”

Kath Mazzella

OAM - International Speaker,, GYN Health advocate, author, recipient of 10 awards, 2018 Senior Australian (WA) Award,
“I cannot thank David enough for being so upfront and direct to make me think on a higher level taking me out of my comfort zone. Reaching for the stars. His expertise and calm manner made me feel at ease. Sharing his personal story with me helped me to connect and understand where he was coming from allowing me to be more open and direct. So thanks David for all you do.”

Your Coach and Mentor

Founder of Metattude and the Vortex Program™
David's Approach

David Deane-Spread

Helping leaders be the best they can be, for the common good of us all.
Trained to lead in the ADF, law enforcement, and another discreet agency, where he specialised in leading and developing covert operators working remotely and in high-risk/high-stakes situations.

Served as a CEO and Managing Director of both public and private companies in Australia and Europe.

The past 24 years in his calling as the founder of Metattude. Providing executive coaching and leadership consultation.

CEO and co-founder of NotioCell Pty Ltd, a biotech start-up that will disrupt the truffles industry and other organic opportunities.

Recently started a small cattle stud breeding Greyman cattle for our northern and hard country herds.

He’s also a keen didgeridoo player!

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