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Five Important Values Effective Leaders Model Right Now

August 13, 2020

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There are high-profile leaders and low or no-profile leaders around the world, in government, commerce and community who have earned the trust and respect of most of their people during these times.

You know who they are.

They model these values:

Compassion: they authentically empathise with those experiencing hardship and offer both comfort and aid.

Courage: they feel the fear and act anyway because they believe it’s the right thing to do.  They will make the unpopular decision in favour of the higher good for the many.

Creativity: they think outside the box, they use uncommon sense, they think differently.

Collaboration: they consult, work with others, take a team approach; they listen.

Confidence: they believe in their purpose, believe in their ability to adapt, and they believe in their people.

These are the most important values all leaders could express right now.

Their deeper meaning, examples of leaders who displayed those and more traits, and how you can develop, deliver and measure them are available here.

Stay well, lead well.

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