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The 5C’s to Better Leadership

June 24, 2022

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404 The Today’s Leader Podcast, Building Tomorrow’s Best Leaders Today

Listen to “404 David Deane-Spread – The 5C’s to Better Leadership” on Spreaker.

Welcome to 404 The Today’s Leader Podcast, Building Tomorrow’s Best Leaders Today. Today we have a very special guest, who joined me from the other side of Australia, Perth in WA to be exact.

Davie Deane-Spread is a former commissioned officer with the Australian Defence Force, who then led covert operations in law enforcement, before taking on Director and CEO roles in Private and Public companies here in Australia and abroad. He now operates as a masterful coach and mentor.

David shares extensive insight into the development of leaders and has some really compelling models to help you build better leadership. After a word from our sponsor, please welcome David to the podcast.

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