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Leaders Are People Experts

July 25, 2013

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LeadersI long for the day when most organisations have a binary system for advancement for their people, where they can be recognised, rewarded and advanced equitably for their operational skills and/or their people skills.   Presently the main route for recognition and advancement is by being operationally excellent – for example the best salesman becomes the sales manager, and the sales team crumbles.

Why not promote people into management and leadership (they are two separate functions that often need to work together) based on their people skills, not just their operational skills?  A top sales person can be awarded similar income and recognition benefits as the manager, give input in management meetings, but doesn’t lead or manage the sales team.

People could move from operational/technical and administration streams into management and leadership streams or the other way around, subject to their abilities and desires in those areas.

Do you know of any organisations that do this well?

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