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The Main Reason You Should Be Chosen as a Leader

February 11, 2014

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It was not because you are a technical genius, nor an operations genius, marketing genius or sales genius.

It is not because you have a PhD or an MBA or a list of other certificates, diplomas or degrees.

It is not because you have years of experience in the company, nor an extensive industry network, nor an inherent “right”.

It is not because you are a brilliant strategist or tactician or planner.

No, those are all lucky bonuses, if they actually matter at all, which I believe they don’t, because you can hire or access that talent when needed.

You should be chosen as a leader because you are skilled at influencing and supporting diverse people to willingly give their very best towards achieving the vision, mission and goals whilst living the shared values. That also means you are skilled at dealing effectively with unacceptable behaviour and performance whilst also maintaining and enhancing trust and respect.

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