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The Number One Rule in Growing Your Business

March 25, 2014

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Even though we have other rules such as Money, Market, Process and Measurement , the first rule is this: Hire the Right People for the Right Role the First Time.

That also means this: Do Not Fill the Position Unless the Person is the Right Person.

The temptation to make a choice based on selectors’ comfort zones, existing relationships, good references, psychometrics, qualifications and CV’s, and even track record is fraught with danger for the following reasons:

  • Data shows that being successful in one position does not guarantee success in another position. That is because context is critically important. This is so whether a leadership role or an operator role. (Source: Loew and O’Leonard, Leadership Development Factbook 2012 Deloitte, July 2012, bersin.com.)
  • People are rarely chosen to fit the personality balance needed for a successful team. The role must fill a gap or align with the types of personalities needed to round out a team, of which there are five:
    • Challenger – someone able to question the status quo and test the new for functionality and purpose.
    • Supporter – a positive “Yes” or “Can Do” outlook.
    • Coach – helps others, shares knowledge and expertise.
    • Networker – brings others together, finds resources outside of the box.
    • Executor – gets things done, ensures others get things done.
  • People are too often placed without clarity of role, goals, standards, measurement, accountability and consequences, and values alignment.

If you fail to select the right person the first time, you will forever be playing catch up in the single most crucial aspect of your business – its people.

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