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Please, Your Answers to These Questions for Our Recovery?

May 28, 2020

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These questions are in no order of importance.

I’m sure there are other questions I may have missed, so please add them to this list.

Most importantly, let’s find and implement the best answers to them!

  1. What improvements do we make to our values?
  2. In what ways has our purpose changed?
  3. What beliefs about the way we work can now be improved?
  4. Does ‘maximise profits’ hold top priority?
  5. Do passive shareholders add more value than great employees?
  6. What are the criteria for having enough?
  7. How do we keep pollution down as we go back to work?
  8. How do we place mental health on the agenda properly?
  9. How do we demonstrate that we really do care about our people?
  10. How much office space do we really need?
  11. How much have we wasted on mere appearances or cosmetics?
  12. How important is authentic transformative leadership right now?
  13. How can we rapidly become more self-reliant?
  14. What can we do to streamline bureaucracy?
  15. Is it time to add value to our primary sector instead of the easy money of just digging, growing and exporting them?
  16. How do we bring management and unions together to become resilient, productive and all of us having enough?
  17. Are extreme executive salaries still or ever justifiable?
  18. What would happen if we started a business where the majority shareholders were all the people in the business?
  19. Have we a need to redefine how politics works, being more co-creative instead of combatant?
  20. Why are the most crucial jobs in our community the least rewarded?


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