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Remember How Powerful You Really Are

April 23, 2020

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Photo by Farsai Chaikulngamdee on Unsplash

This is the time to tap into your amazing power.

This is the right time to remember that you have always been extremely powerful.

It merely depends on how you have used your power, either for the positive or the negative, or even stuck between the two.

You can recall, I’m sure, times when you’ve been clearly at your best, achieving and succeeding.

It could have been in sport, study, or work or hobby or relationships or just life in general.

And it wasn’t just luck.

It was when you had three aspects of yourself in perfect alignment.

Firstly, your thoughts were desirable, clear and certain.

You had a stack of beliefs about your goal that were positive and outweighed any doubts you might have had.

Secondly, your feelings about your intention were  optimistic, grateful, determined!

Throughout the endeavour, your dominant feelings were as though the goal was already happening.

Thirdly, your actions were considered, deliberate and persistent.  They were also perfectly aligned and congruent with your thoughts and feelings.

Reflect on those times.

Make a list of them, noting the thoughts, feelings and actions that were so aligned that you succeeded.

They are proof of your power.

You can master that power now with deliberate practice every day, with one worthwhile daily goal.

Plan the goal and the thoughts, feelings and actions that make it happen.

Then you can build on it.

You will easily master this power because it’s in your DNA.

If you want help with the planning and the practice, email me at to see if we can work together on Zoom.

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