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The Simplest Way to be Great

October 29, 2013

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I’ve spent many years observing and learning from great people. Some of them are high profile, but most are the opposite.

The difference between authentically great people who are high profile, and those who are low profile, depends only upon media interest.

They are great not because of what they do – that is a result, not a cause. They are great because of the way they are. The way they naturally behave, they way they naturally think, the way they naturally care. The quality of habits they have developed. I use the word “naturally” to describe what they can now easily be because of consistent correct practice of certain qualities.

Many of these people were quite different beforehand, and only became great due to their choice to be so, and then by practicing that which will make anyone great.

You will be pleasantly surprised to discover the six couplets of qualities that can make anyone great, including you. All you need do is to understand and then deliberately practice the couplets consistently and correctly, until it becomes easy and natural for you to be like that, no matter what.

The only commitment you need to make is to choose to practice the qualities consistently and correctly.

What was once difficult becomes easy with practice. You have already experienced this – remember learning to ride a bike or drive a car? If you can remember learning to walk, you will know that you fell over more than one thousand times before you took your first step. But you never gave up.

Well, practicing to be great is easier than learning to walk.

Why don’t you try, for say a week, and see what happens?

The Six Couplets of Greatness

  • Unconditional Respect and Gratefulness
  • Service and Fun
  • Creativity and Discipline
  • Focus and Perseverance
  • Learning and Flexibility
  • Passion and Reflection

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