Vortex Program

Up your attention to your Business Vortex.
You’ll up your results by 20% at least!

Introducing the Vortex Program

Learn about the benefit for your organsiation
For busy entrepreneurs, business owners or CEOs and up to five of your direct reports, seeking better sustainable results.
Your business vortex is where everything is generated throughout your organisation, right to the frontline of the business.
Results and revenue

Improve your organisation rapidly and sustainably. The Vortex Program™ has been developed and proven with the wealth of David's decades of experience.

Take the first step to get your vortex right. Schedule a FREE call with David to learn how the vortex program can address your unique situation. Your business can become the publicly recognised preferred employer and provider in their space.

Matt Saunders

GM Unidata
“David’s services are good value for money for this business.In a measure of business efficiency improvement we saw a better than 20% improvement in staff efficiency, and that resulted in us becoming more successful bidding larger more profitable contracts. The larger contracts were executed faster and more efficiently with better cooperation between departments and that pushed the company’s profitability up by 30%.”

KPG Group

Case Highlights
Electrical trade start-up business. Worked with them in the first three years. David remained close to the owner/managing director for the next 20 years, helping the company to grow from a small Perth business of 17 staff, to a national award-winning company of about 400 staff with offices in all states and territories.The final move was the owner’s exit plan which reaped him a high eight figure return.
Won peer assessed industry award three years in a row
Improved revenue by over 300%
Staff retention 100%
Waiting list of electricians wanting to join the business
Featured in a leading business magazine.

The Vortex Program is Right For You...if...

You success factor checklist with David's program
Is This Your Organisation?
You are a business owner or leader with 5 direct reports:
50 to 200 employees (more is fine, it just takes a little longer)
Seeking a 20% improvement over the next 90 days to six months

Symptoms of a Faulty Vortex

The Vortex Program is the cure for these 5 main issues facing organisation today.
Are you seeing this in your organisation?
Difficult people issues
Wasteful meetings
We aren't aligned as we could be
Our delegation process isn't right
Our leaders need more time to coach our people
More symptoms and details about the Vortex Program available in this pdf download (coming soon)
Downloadable PDF Coming Soon

Shawn Murphy

Skill Hire, CEO
“His vast experience and training leads to coaching filled with practical tools underpinned with his unique set of IP, for participants to elevate their leadership skills. Every time I have engaged David, the leadership behaviours of my senior leaders has improved dramatically which has had an amazing impact on the teamwork, comradery, culture and of course, financial success of our businesses. David is an invaluable partner and trusted adviser and the most effective Executive Coach and mentor I have worked with.”

ANZ Insurance Services (part of the ANZ Bank)

Case Highlights
The bank’s metropolitan branches had entered a performance contract with a major underwriter, to sell their domestic product over the counter and were 50% behind in their performance requirements
David Implemented his program to 50 odd members
Addressed staff behaviour, alignment and delegation issues
Results improved steadily
One year later they were 108% above performance requirements
Became the leading performers in Australia.

Your Coach and Mentor

Founder of Metattude and the Vortex Program™

David Deane-Spread

Helping leaders be the best they can be, for the common good of us all.
Trained to lead in the ADF, law enforcement, and another discreet agency, where he specialised in leading and developing covert operators working remotely and in high-risk/high-stakes situations.

Served as the CEO and Managing Director of both public and private companies in Australia and Europe.

The past 24 years in his calling as the founder of Metattude. Providing executive coaching and leadership consultation.

CEO and co-founder of NotioCell Pty Ltd, a biotech start-up that will disrupt the truffles industry and other organic opportunities.

Recently started a small cattle stud breeding Greyman cattle for our northern and hard country herds.

He’s also a keen didgeridoo player!

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