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Top Tier Leadership’s Five Pairs of Pillars

April 15, 2014

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CEOs, business owners or any top tier leader of any organisation, community, institution or government must have five specific pairs of pillars in order to be effective.

Any other attribute they may have is a bonus, but without the particular pairs of pillars they are deficient as top tier leaders.

These pairs of pillars are:

  • Values and Vision – the values are the core reasons for why and how; the vision is the best expression and manifestation of those values.
  • Trust and Respect – essential in order to gain and keep a following.
  • Empathy and Communication expertise – to understand others and effectively communicate what really matters to them in their quest of attaining the vision.
  • Flexibility and Learning – to adapt to continual disruptive change and learn what works best.
  • Judgement and Decisiveness – to make the best call and execute effectively.

Our current globally experienced leadership deficit is due to these five pairs of pillars not all being present. There remain too many gaps. Top tier leadership’s effectiveness is weakened.

Top tier leaders must have all five pairs otherwise they are not yet ready for the role.

Those leaders who do acquire them do so with the help of effective mentors and coaches.

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