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Two Quick Points to Create Dramatic Business Improvement

September 10, 2020

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First Point: The three true human causes of all problems that exist in your business such as conflict, process breaches, values breaches, safety issues and errors are fear, useless habits and ignorance.

Usually it’s a combination of any or all three.

For example,  a safety incident where a driver runs off the road due to fatigue, the causes are fear and habit.  The habits of driving whilst fatigued and what caused the fatigue in the first place – staying up too late; and the fear of owning up to it and getting a replacement driver.

Therefore, the remedies are courage, better practice and constant learning.

So, identify the true causes and apply the remedies.

Second Point: The single reason why problems continue to exist is because the right leader isn’t having the right conversation with the right person at the right time.

Therefore, the remedy is for that leader to step up, prepare for the conversation then have it ASAP!

By the way…it’s OK to ask for help.

Act now.


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