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Why is it Important to Keep a Positive Attitude Through Life, Especially Now?

May 14, 2020

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Photo by Mert Talay on Unsplash

I was asked that question recently.

I believe maintaining a positive attitude through life’s ups and downs is vitally important, and especially now.

I have three dominant reasons for my belief.

Firstly, our thoughts and feelings are the constituents of our attitude and they influence our actions and responses.

That combination of thought, feeling and action has the biggest impact on our outcomes.

When our thoughts feelings and actions are aligned, we are powerful indeed - whether positively or negatively!

So, the more positive our attitude, the greater the likelihood of life being more up than down!

Secondly, negative attitudes mean negative feelings.

Negative feelings mean we have protective or aggressive ‘chemicals’ - hormones etc. flowing through our body.

Those chemicals, when in our system for long, have a detrimental effect on our physical and mental health.

Hence, the healthiest frequent positive feeling to have is gratitude.

Gratitude is so important that I’ve created a free 10 minute course to show you how to generate the feeling of gratitude easily.

Thirdly, my own experiences with positive and negative attitudes are living proof of the validity of that belief.

I have experienced loss of people in my care, life threatening injury, broken marriage, prolonged separation from my children, loss of business, bankruptcy, loss of my eldest son, peaks and troughs in earnings, two recessions and this Covid-19 pandemic (and recession).

Whilst I am not alone in having those types of experiences, I have never let them keep me down and in each case, I have responded, eventually effectively!

I now enjoy a wonderful relationship with my partner and all my surviving children and their children, a business which even though impacted by the pandemic, is pivoting, preparing for a new exciting phase of purpose.

I’m fit and healthy and have clear enjoyable purpose to my life, and most importantly, I’m very conscious that I only have control over my own thoughts, feelings and actions.   Nothing else.

And thank you Michael for asking the question - a most valuable question to ask us all.

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