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Your Smart Skills Are More Crucial Now

May 7, 2020

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Your smart skills are those of relating, empathising, sharing feelings effectively, expressing feelings effectively, engaging others, influencing, persuading, inspiring, convincing and supporting.

Wrongly dubbed ‘soft’ skills, these smart skills are harder than hard skills (trades, operations, sciences and professions) to master.

Under our current global situation, with workforces more dispersed and stressed, these smart skills are even more crucial.

This is the time to get your executive coach to help rapidly improve these skills.

Already employees and their leaders and managers are showing Zoom fatigue, frustration and dissatisfaction about WFH, missing their workplace environment and the value of collaborating, co-creating and socialising together in the same space.

Your executive coach is the right person now to help you step up your smart skills.

Start by doing this complimentary WFH communication assessment and resulting report which will show you what you can improve and a guide to help you.

You can assess from that report whether you want my help.

With that report and guide I can help you rapidly accelerate your smart skill improvement.

Go ahead and do the complimentary assessment, you have everything to gain.

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