About You

You are a busy entrepreneur, business owner or CEO who seeks your business to rapidly improve to thrive, even during these times.

You have a deep belief in the vision and purpose of your business and its value to your market.

You champion your people who are key to making that happen.

You are honourable and coachable, willing to roll up your sleeves and do what works to make that difference.

You believe in the ability of your business to become the publicly recognised employer and provider of choice in your space.

You have the courage and commitment to explore for the best way to move forward.

You know you can’t do it all by yourself and it’s wise to ask for the right help.

About Us

Our Values

  • Unconditional Respect
  • Exemplary Service
  • Continuous Learning
  • Consistent Courage

Our Purpose
To help leaders be those who others choose to follow.

Our Vision
Our leaders are trusted and respected as they help their people achieve greatness.

Our Mission
Embed leading behaviours in all those who aspire to lead.

Our Measures

  • Improvement in client’s culture, meetings, alignment, delegation, and coaching
  • Achievement of client OKRs/KPIs and their improvement.
  • Metattude maintains 100% referrals and remains fully booked.
You want to:
Start having difficult conversations
Achieve enviable results
Have a resilient attitude that lasts the distance
Stop feeling unhappy and unsure

Build an established business.
The kind people want to buy

It's my purpose to guide and help you and up to five of your direct reports to master of your Business Vortex for your business to thrive and become the preferred employer and provider in your space.

Processes and Frameworks - Your Solutions

My solutions are based on proven methodologies:
Attitudinal Competence
The workbook on the methodology “Master the Power of Your Attitudes”
The workbook “The Wheel of Effective Leadership Behaviour”
The Complete Delegation Process
Proven Behaviour & Communication Traits Profiling
Effective Meetings Design
Deep Alignment Process
“He really has a craft of getting you to explore
things that might be difficult.”

Your Coach and Mentor

I'm David.
Founder and Chair

David's Approach
⭑ Served as a director and CEO in both private and public companies in Australia and overseas.
I'm a former:
⭑ Commissioned officer with the Australian Defence Forces.
⭑ Covert operations leader in law enforcement.
And most importantly.

I've devoted the last 25 years to helping CEO and their direct reports to be the best they can be.

And for the last 20 of those years, my clients have all been by referral.

Many of my clients have been with me throughout their business careers.

Who else is on my your team?

Meet Alyssa Henderson

Executive Assistant
Alyssa is Metattude’s Executive Assistant, Administration Manager, and Coordinator. 
Yes, she wears three hats.
And she wears them well.
When the former legal secretary is not busy connecting with Metattude’s clients, she can be found providing support expertise and paying close attention to detail.

Shawn Murphy

Skill Hire, CEO
“Every time I have engaged David, the leadership behaviours of my senior leaders has improved dramatically which has had an amazing impact on the teamwork, comradery, culture and of course, financial success of our businesses.

David is an invaluable partner and trusted adviser and the most effective Executive Coach and mentor I have worked with.”
There’s a reason I’ve been
100% referral based since 2002.

I build real relationships.

There’s no fluff.  I’ll tell you what you NEED to hear not what you WANT to hear.  So you can have difficult conversations and move forward.

I use processes.

No guessing.  I use processes + frameworks.  The same ones that have been helping my clients over the last two decades.

I’m flexible.

The program and services I offer are completely customizable right down to the amount and length of meetings. 
So, do we jell enough to work together?

My Work Gudelines

You’re invested.

Your work won’t be easy.  You need to be 100% on board with improving before we start strengthening your team.

You’ve got the numbers.

You’re a business with between 50 to 200 staff.  And you’re seeking to be the recognized employer and provider in your space.

You’re open to change.

This is a no-judgment zone. 
If you’re not comfortable with me right away, don’t sweat it!

We “get” each other.

This goes beyond a CV.  We’ll know straight away when we meet (even virtually) for the first time.  If we jell, it’s time to get to working on your next big business move.
"David just said tell me where you're at. 
And very quickly steered me away from this
kind of dilemma and focused me on a much better path."
Geoff Sedgwick
Unattended Sales Pty Ltd.
Stop feeling like you’re in it alone.
If you want to find out:
Where my advice originates so you can apply it again and again.
 How to get to your end goal, i.e. your RESULTS.
 How to capitalize on changing your attitude.
 Why it’s healthy to debate business ideas.
How to master the skills to grow, scale, and sell your business.
How you’ll benefit from having me on your side.
It’s time we chat.


Our Clients

Maike Turnbull

Principal Policy Officer and business owner
Before I met David I was experiencing a lot of self-doubt and indecision, as well as a challenging interpersonal and leadership environment at my workplace.

I felt like I was ‘stuck’ without really knowing why (there was clearly something subconscious going on!)

Whilst working with David I had major insights into my personality, leadership style and my subconscious beliefs and patterns that were keeping me ‘stuck’. I also acquired a deep understanding of the interpersonal conflicts I was experiencing, my role in them and how I could resolve them / come to peace with them.

As a result of my work with David I am now inspired and have some helpful tools and insights to help me grow further.

I now feel confident to manage conflict and I feel clear about my path ahead.

If you want to improve yourself, then I recommend David because he has a way of unlocking your subconscious belief and helping you to make progress without evening knowing that you’re being coached! David is one of those very rare, 100% authentic, grounded humans who has done the work himself. He walks his talk and has a wisdom of the deeper meaning of life."

Ready for Action?

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