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Creating successful leaders & companies

Your Strategic Success Method

David defines the best fit for your company. Where are you at the moment in your company performance and where do you want to be.

Looking at improving your business? David goes through his model to go deeper than training and coaching. Working on trophy hunting through deep alignment producing fantastic results. Seeking out strategic success and a champion reputation where you become the preferred employer and provider.

Aligning Leadership For Growth

For ambitious leaders and motivated companies

Achieving Your Growth

David and the team at Metattude help ambitious leaders and motivated companies. The ambitious leader has an online campus coming soon to start kicking goals.

The motivated company seeking growth has our masterful coaching program which will create alignment within your leadership resulting in an unstoppable force. We specialise in companies with about 30 to 200 staff and need real bottom line results within 90 days.

Our Team

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Our founder and chair, David Deane-Spread, is a former commissioned officer in the Australian Defence Forces, a covert operations leader in law-enforcement and another discreet agency. He developed masterful coaching and development skills in government service whilst building and leading high performance teams for high risk operations. David has served as a director and CEO of both private and public companies in Australia and overseas.

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David's passion for attitudinal competence and effective leadership behaviour, together with his joy in seeing others develop has driven David to serve his clients for the past two decades.

He is the developer of the method for training for attitudinal competence and authored the workbook on the methodology “Master the Power of Your Attitudes”. The search engines regard him as a global leader in the topic.

His workbook “The Wheel of Effective Leadership Behaviour” is a favourite of his clients.

David is especially adept at helping senior leaders

Improve their own effectiveness at both director and C-level,
identify the right executives for the roles,
on-board them for sustainable success and retention,
develop the leadership team to high performance
and deal effectively with unacceptable behaviour and performance whilst keeping trust and respect.
As an expert negotiator, David helps leaders with difficult negotiations, difficult conversations and difficult situations, harnessing the experiences from his background.

He also mentors other executive coaches and consultants.

Alyssa Henderson

Executive Assistant
Alyssa Henderson is our executive assistant, administration manager and coordinator. With great client liaison skills and a broad range of valuable support expertise, Alyssa is an important part of Metattude’s ability to serve our clients. A former legal secretary, Alyssa’s attention to detail is legendary.

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