Attitudinal Skills Training & Competency Development

Discover the Power of Attitudinal Mastery: Transform Your Life Through Skills, Knowledge and Attitude

Welcome to the Attitudinal Mastery Program, where you will embark on an educational adventure, meticulously designed to revolutionise your skills, knowledge, and attitude. Here, we guide you in harnessing your inner strengths and energies to unleash your full potential in various aspects of your life.

A Comprehensive Blend:
Skills, Knowledge, and Attitude

"Attitudinal Competence is your ability to adopt and adapt your best attitude for dealing with what has happened, is happening or might happen, and not be stuck with habitual attitudes.”

David Deane-Spread, Attitudinal Competence Originator

When it comes to achieving success, three primary components play an indispensable role - skills, knowledge, and attitude. At the Attitudinal Mastery Program, we aim to cultivate these facets within you.

Our program integrates a theoretical understanding of concepts, practical application, and the development of an adaptive attitude. The synergy of skills, knowledge and attitude paves the way for achieving skills mastery.

Why Skills Competence is Essential

Acquiring knowledge forms the foundation of one's ability to perform tasks efficiently. It encompasses the information acquired through learning, sensory input, and personal experiences. When you couple this with the development of social skills and communication skills, you unlock new avenues to excel not only in your professional life but also in your personal life.

The Critical Role of Attitude

Attitude, on the other hand, is a broad concept. It refers to your way of thinking and feeling about certain things, and it shapes your behaviour. A positive attitude helps you to adapt to new situations and overcome challenges.

Our program is based on the ground-breaking concept of “Attitudinal Competence”, which equips you with the ability to adopt and adapt the best attitudes for dealing with various scenarios. This, in turn, fosters well-being and the ability to achieve your goals.
Imagine if you had the flexibility of attitude that enabled you to deal sensibly and effectively with any of these challenges that might confront you:
Your huge success or even winning the Lottery and scared of what might happen.
Your appointment to a role or a task you feel inexperienced in.
Wanting to become calm and centred but not being able.
An adverse report on your work performance.
A sudden unexpected job loss or redundancy.
A broken relationship that you’d like to fix.
A bad boss, employee or workmate.
Learning new skills or change.
A financial dilemma.
A health challenge.
Your attitude towards any of the above will have a massive impact on the eventual outcome.

You know that already.

Nurturing the Adult Learner in You

Our program is especially catered to adult learners who possess prior knowledge and are keen on refining their skills and attitudes. We appreciate that adult learners have a wealth of experiences, and we help them harness this knowledge for self-improvement.
Writing learning objectives that resonate with your unique goals is essential. These learning objectives act as a guiding light, focusing on specific skills and knowledge you need to acquire.

This knowledge refers to the understanding and awareness of the various components that constitute one’s attitudes and the strategies through which these attitudes can be managed and cultivated for personal and professional growth. They make the learning process more structured and help in tracking your progress.
With us, you’ll go through the interactive workbook, “Master the Power of Your Attitudes”, bringing to life the insights contained therein. You’ll identify the components that make up your attitudes and learn how to change those components at will.
Our program unfolds through two days of engaging and insightful educational activities. However, even a single day can make a difference. Through our coaching sessions, you will practice the process on your real-life experiences and challenges.
One of the main differences between attitudinal knowledge and skills is the practical application. Skills are the practical application of theoretical concepts in specific situations. Our program empowers you to apply knowledge in various contexts, be it workplace learning, managing relationships, or personal development.
You will delve into a wide array of theoretical concepts, from psychology to high-performance and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). These concepts will support you in developing a robust theoretical understanding that will inform your practical actions.
Here, you’ll also gain the power to take control of your thoughts whenever you want to. You will develop strategies to deal with challenges such as job loss, financial dilemmas, or broken relationships, with a positive and pragmatic attitude.
Towards the end, you’ll design a realistic and actionable plan to tackle any challenges that might confront you. You’ll also experience the feeling of empowerment, knowing that you’ve got the power – and always had it.

What’s in the Program?

Our comprehensive program is a blend of innovative training, exercises, and resources aimed to empower you to master your attitudes. As you delve into the workbook "Master the Power of Your Attitudes", you'll bring to life the insights contained therein and retain it as a perpetual guide for your future practice. Throughout the program, you will:
Identify and analyse the components that constitute your attitudes.
Gain the ability to modify these components at will, thus broadening your range of responses to life's challenges.
Comprehend the underlying principles that facilitate Attitudinal Competence and learn how to leverage them to your benefit.
Take control of your thoughts and acquire the skills to regulate them as per the situation.
Engage in hands-on exercises using your real-life experiences and challenges to cultivate a pragmatic understanding.
Develop a personalised and practical action plan to address and overcome the hurdles that you may face now or in the future.

Attitudinal Skills Training Resources & Downloads:

How Long will it take to Learn?

Embarking on a journey to achieve skills mastery in Attitudinal Competence is both an exciting and transformative experience. For adult learners, it's important to understand that attaining new knowledge and developing certain skills can take time.

Our intensive workshop has been designed to ensure that you grasp the main difference between factual information and the application of knowledge, skills, and attitudes within two days.

However, with just one day of dedication, you'll be astonished at the wealth of insights you can gain. Furthermore, post-workshop coaching sessions will expedite the learning process, enabling you to accomplish your learning goals and hone your skills more efficiently.

Where has this Program been Deployed?

Attitudinal Competence has been immensely beneficial to a plethora of clients ranging from private individuals to professionals across various industries. It has been instrumental in aiding executives seeking career progression as well as individuals referred by health professionals. Among the organisations that have adopted this program are:
An executive development stream in the WA Public Sector Commission.
BHP Billiton
Rio Tinto
Corruption and Crime Commission
SAS Regiment
Fremantle Commercial Diving
Department of Fire and Emergency Services Academy leadership stream
Fremantle Ports
KP Electric
HFM Assets
Nulsen Haven
Activ Foundation

Where did Attitudinal Competence Training come from?

Attitudinal Competence is the brainchild of David Deane-Spread, whose background as a covert operations leader and trainer in defence, law-enforcement, and other government agencies played a pivotal role in its inception. Through rigorous analysis and scrutiny of incidents where attitude in the moment was a critical factor, he discerned the paramountcy of equipping individuals with the right attitude.

Challenging the widely held belief that attitude cannot be trained, Deane-Spread commenced his quest to uncover a method to cultivate Attitudinal Competence. He acquired new knowledge by studying a plethora of disciplines, including psychology, high-performance coaching, adult learning, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

His commitment and tenacity culminated in the creation of a training manual that has since been adapted for broader civilian and commercial use.

The manual has been deployed through his business, Metattude, as the workbook “Master the Power of Your Attitudes”, aiding countless individuals in attaining control over their attitudes and unlocking their true potential.

Why Choose the Attitudinal Mastery Program?

The Attitudinal Mastery Program is rooted in decades of experience and research by the originator, David Deane-Spread. Through his dedication and commitment, he developed the concept of Attitudinal Competence, which has proven to be transformative for countless individuals and organisations alike.
The blend of skills, knowledge, and attitude is central to personal and professional development. Whether you're looking to excel in higher education, seeking to enhance your job performance, or desiring personal growth, this program is tailored to support you in achieving your objectives.

Don’t just take our word for it. Experience the metamorphosis yourself and take the reins of your destiny into your hands. Engage with the Attitudinal Mastery Program and sow the seeds for a brighter, more successful future.

Join us and take the first step towards unlocking a new dimension of possibilities. Your journey to attitudinal competency and skills mastery starts here.


As you traverse the pages of our website and delve into the world of Attitudinal Competence, it is only fitting that you hear directly from those whose lives have been indelibly altered through this empowering journey. Our Testimonials section is a tapestry of personal stories, reflections, and affirmations from individuals who have walked the path that you are considering embarking upon.

These voices of transformation are not just mere words; they are the echoes of newfound strength, resilience, and triumph. From diverse backgrounds and varied challenges, each testimonial paints a picture of how Attitudinal Competence can serve as a catalyst for profound change. Whether it be overcoming a personal hurdle, achieving a career milestone, or finding a sense of balance and fulfilment, the experiences shared here are both enlightening and inspiring.

As you read through these testimonials, we encourage you to not only observe the transformation but also to envision the possibilities that lie ahead for you. Let these stories serve as a testament to the power of Attitudinal Competence and an invitation for you to leap into a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

We invite you to listen to these voices, for in them, you might just find the echoes of your own aspirations and dreams.
“David handed me a copy of ‘Master the Power of Your Attitudes’ (MPOYA) just over a year ago. This was a time when my attitudes were largely unquestioned, deeply entrenched and often unhealthy. As I worked through MPOYA, I was encouraged to scrutinise these attitudes, often in excruciating detail. It was a lengthy and confronting process; but this should not deter you. After all, rewiring the habits of the mind is no easy undertaking.

If you decide to embark on the journey that is MPOYA, you should not do so without full commitment. Every page has a purpose that, when properly realised, culminates in something very unique: a fresh outlook on life.

I sincerely hope that anyone who reads this testimonial gains as much as I did from this terrific resource.

Good luck on your journey.”
Lennox Saint - Private Client, 2019
"The material in the workbook is exciting and tempts the reader to skim ahead. Do not give in to the temptation for the highest rewards are to be earned by proceeding thoughtfully and thoroughly through every page."
Dr Adrian Zentner - Medical Director, Well Men Centres
'Timely, realistic, user friendly and empowering. I have personally gained tremendously from reading this insightful look at the most critical aspect of anyone's life... their attitude to everything!"
Kelvin Hutchinson - Speaker, Consultant, Author
“Revealing and insightful exploration of our attitudes and behaviour that’s sure to fascinate anyone with a desire to understand and master the workings of their own minds.”
Timothy Hyde - Australia's "Magician of the Mind," Speaker & Infotainer
“David has provided very useful illustrations of how our own thought patterns can be negative and lead to misunderstandings and to de-motivation. By his examples David shows how to broaden our thinking and to improve understanding with win-win outcomes for individuals and organisations.”
Kerry Sanderson AO - CEO Fremantle Ports (now Governor of Western Australia)
"Changing your 'system' of thinking to become happier or more fulfilled is not easy, but as David Deane-Spread affirms, with correct practice, it is possible. This workbook contains much practical wisdom and will show you realistic ways to increase your life/work enjoyment. It may be the best investment you ever make."
Daniel Kehoe - Author of the You Lead, They'll Follow series, volumes 1, 2 and 3.
In this concise and practical workbook, David Deane-Spread provides a powerful yet simple blueprint for mastering our attitudes and a key to understanding the behaviour of others based on a recognition of their own attitudes.

Master the Power of your Attitudes is a workbook for life. As you move through the pages, your understanding of yourself (and others) grows to a point where you cannot wait to read the next page to see the revelation about yourself that awaits.

The book is a valuable tool for anyone – whether you are in a work situation where you lead or manage, or whether you just want to achieve more in your life – this book is for you."
David Julian Price - Governance and Productivity Professional
"Whether you are just starting out on your journey, or are looking for a booster to take you to the next level of success, the information and exercises in this workbook will make a significant difference. Complex concepts are made clear, and the accessible style means that you can work through from start to finish, or dip in as you need."
Helen Macdonald CSP - Corporate Optimist, Speaker, Author, and Workshop Facilitator
“David Deane-Spread’s work at Fremantle Ports using his methodologies outlined in Master the Power of your Attitudes has greatly assisted a number of our operational Team Leaders to positively focus on implementing change."
Tom Arnautovic OAM - Manager Human Resources Fremantle Ports
"This book is a brilliant tool for anyone seeking to provide leadership for their own life and leadership for others. This book gives you the ability to discover what your values are and how your attitude is influencing your life (and the lives of all you connect to). Take this book and work with it, own it and discover what you can create for yourself."
Brett Read, Director - DTI Consulting - Safety Leadership and Culture Transformation Consultants
"In this excellent workbook, David Deane-Spread has provided us with fundamental tools for life mastery. In a practical step by step fashion, he shows us how to first understand and then take command of our attitudes, instead of being governed by them. He challenges the notion - "I have no choice" and blows it out of the water, revealing how we can always retain our power and never have to surrender to circumstances"
Linda Byart - CEO Well Men Centres
“As a Profit Improvement Strategist consulting to a wide range of businesses I see numerous examples of how poor attitude defeats both individuals and companies. Master the Power of Your Attitude is the best workbook I have seen to help people realise their own potential and gain invaluable insight into how colleagues and subordinates see them. It should be required reading for everyone in business.”
Michael Harrison - Profit Improvement Strategist, Author of The Mini Guides to Business and How to Ask Questions That Sell
"This valuable workbook provides step by step coaching on achieving improved personal outcomes by probing aspects of attitude and examining how these might be transformed. In my experience the combination of approach and topic is unique in personal development texts."
Steve Wade - General Manager, Marine & Technical Services, Fremantle Ports
"David's work on attitudes presents significant and life-changing concepts in a practical and thought-provoking manner. His thorough coverage of important information for our time, such as the power of thought, emotion and intention, is a must-read for anyone committed to their own personal development and that of their employees. This book has application for any age group."
Denise Quinn - Speaker, Consultant - Creating Workplace Behaviour Solutions.

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