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Up your leadership coach game.
Up your results.

If you’re done feeling like you’re holding back your team... coach up and learn to communicate and correct behaviours when managing work streams. David will help you solve the problems in your business so you can stop the go round of stressful reactive behaviour. You’ll get a plan based on proven frameworks. A Plan that has worked for many businesses before you… the Strategic Success Method™ that will make you the preferred employer and business in your space

150+ successful CEOs and companies

Get advice and mentorship from a pro with over 25 years of experience. David has worked with 150+ successful CEOs and companies
“ In a measure of business efficiency improvement we saw a better than 20% improvement in staff efficiency, and that resulted in us becoming more successful bidding larger more profitable contracts.”

Matt Saunders

GM Unidata
“Now that I’ve been appointed CEO to turn Skill Hire around, David is helping us take Skil Hire from a stuck company in August 2020 to an already reinvigorated company that has expanded nationally, despite the pandemic.” 

Shawn Murphy

CEO Skill Hire
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If any of this sounds familiar, you will benefit from Metattude’s Strategic Success Method™

I’m ignoring problems until they blow up in my face 
 Problems are being dealt with but not fixed
I’m unaware of a different way to deal with problems
There’s a loss of talent and staff turnover
Prevent the failure rate of promoted leaders.
There’s a sense of the wrong culture
I’m spending too much time and money on rework 
I’m trying to deal with problems with little to no training
I’m trying to deal with problems with little to no training 
I’m failing to set appropriate standards for negative behaviour
There’s a general lack of performance, accountability, and follow through 
My customers, suppliers, and shareholders are not satisfied

It just got a whole lot harder to ignore the root of the problem. Now, what’s your excuse?


The success solution that not only deals with problems but fixes them too.

Employer of choice You can’t succeed without first finding the root of the problem. By resolving the deadly triad specific to your business, we can move on to the three-step strategy to achieving your vision. You will identify and address: 

1. Difficult behaviours blocking progress 
2. Misalignment in both leadership and employee cohorts 
3. Poor delegation 

By solving your deadly triad you will free up sucked energy. You will stop wasting valuable resources and time. And you will enhance performance and productivity.

Fix the problems in your business so that you become the employer of choice in your space. Create well developed leaders so that you become the preferred business in your space.


How you can get a proactive long-term solution to your reactive stress.

With Metattude’s proven customized frameworks you’ll get a three-step Strategic Success Method™ that’s tailored to your vision.

You already know guessing doesn’t get results. Strategy based on data and frameworks gets results. You’ll see a variety of industry leading models and in house systems used to get clarity about what’s going on in your business.

✔ Tri Metrix EQ Assessments
✔ Profiling
✔ Complete Delegation Framework™
✔ 5 C’s of Trust
✔ Cigrower Model
✔ McCall Learning and Development Model
✔ Attitudinal Competence

Eliminate your reactive stress by getting to know your business inside and out. Get a plan in place to get to know your team. So that you set yourself up for future success.

When process runs data
data drives results.

“The psychometric process run by David is known as the Tri Metrix EQ Assessment Tool. Rather than the two-minute noodle version which many organisations appear to have adopted in recent times – which in my opinion is a waste of time to the candidate and client – the Tri Metrix EQ Assessment was a thorough deep dive.”

Stephen Smith

Fullerton Health Group


How can you help your team if you haven’t got qualitative data about your team? 

You need a pro that gets you data using a proven process. A pro that can do more than short courses, group talks, and personal visits. A pro that gathers data. A pro that acts on data. So that you make your vision a reality.


A plan to eliminate the daily surprise element.

No matter what your day brings, feel competent knowing you have the training to deal with problems before they happen. Don’t internalize your stress. Know what to do and when to do it. With a leadership development program designed for your workplace.


Be the leader you were meant to be.

Invest in the development of your company by educating and training your team. Create a safe, reliable, and consistent place to work based on growth, culture, and alignment of values. The alignment of values starts with you. Select the right leaders for your team. Teach your leaders how to lead. Become a high performing team with aligned strategic goals. With Metattude, you’ll finally stop guessing. You’ll start doing. And you’ll see the results. You’ll hold on to your best employees by choosing the right roles for them. Employees will become elite leaders. And you’ll create a space of collaborative leadership. So that you become the preferred employer. And the preferred business in your space.

Now you can become a better leader from wherever you are.

There’s nothing like getting to know your team in person. We offer both online and in-person services to organisations within Australia, North America and Europe.

We are experts at working remotely. So all you need to do is focus on empowering your team.
“He knows our business, knows our people and he has facilitated the personal and career growth of our people which in turn has helped the business grow.” Matt Saunders, Unidata We promise you this: you can work with us for 30 days, risk-free. So, now… what’s your excuse?”

Matt Saunders

GM Unidata
We promise you this: you can work with us for 30 days, risk-free. So, now… what’s your excuse?

lead a team to work like a team

Finally have the insights you need to lead a team to work like a team.

Get to know your team by using industry proven frameworks and models. Next, solve the deadly triad weighing on your organisation. And then comes the magic of the three-step Strategic Success Method™.

You’ll select the right people, you’ll develop the right people, and you’ll retain the right people.

And you’re not stuck with us

Like 150+ clients before you, you’ll reach your vision of being the preferred employer and organisation in your space.

Work with us for 30 days. If neither of us are happy with the way things are progressing, we’ll agree to walk away. No strings attached.

If you’re happy. We’ll keep you that way. For as long as you need our coaching and mentorship.

You have a team to lead right now You have a team to communicate with right now. You have a conflict to resolve right now. Be proactive. And get growing.

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