Define it.

Plan it. Improve it.

Develop it. Win it.

Growth without a plan is luck. Stop wasting time and resources on your reactive conflict resolution. Get proactive. With Metattude’s leadership coaching services, you’ll identify and solve the problems in your business. You’ll fix difficult behaviour. You’ll challenge misalignment. And you’ll correct poor delegation.

We’ll build a customized plan based on proven industry leading and in-house models. So that you'll be the preferred employer and business in your space.

David’s methods are strengthened by his past of
leading covert and special forces activity.
He is the leader behind Metattude.

“David’s helping us improve Splend’s leadership capability and culture, as we prepare to significantly scale our global fleet platform through electric vehicles. I have certainty and confidence in his work due to long standing support David has provided to me over my career.” 

Chris King

CEO Splend
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Break up with reactive-solution-thinking.

Without the proper systems and data. You don’t know what problems your team is facing. You don’t know what you need to help them with their problems. And you just don’t know how to move forward. You’ve got a habitual way of dealing with conflict and it blows up in your face. Perhaps you thought you had your finger on the pulse of what was going on.

Do you really know what’s going on?

And is that okay?

Get a plan to communicate confidently with your people. Get to know them. Get to know their personalities, their hopes, their dreams, and their future plans. Give them the training and education to succeed. So that you can lead by example and create a culture of growth, alignment, and strategic success.

It’s not rocket science. You need a good plan.


Here’s the proactive way to learn your progress risks.

Getting to know your team in an organisation of 30 to 200 staff takes effort. Especially with a virtual distance between you. Find out how your business stacks up when it comes to the three biggest risks to your organisation’s progress.

Any negative behaviour impacting the organisation? Are your leadership members aligned with the organisation’s strategy? Can your delegation structure be better?

Answer these questions and you’ll find the root cause of the problems. Knowing the state you're in is the first step to creating a supreme environment. So that you can build a solid foundation for your elite organisation.

Remove the risks so you can move on to the real vision.

✔ Create openness and resolve past frustrations
✔ Improve communication and eliminate passive complaining
✔ Give effective feedback and set clear strategy agreements
✔ Expose areas of tension and reform or remove difficult people
✔ Evaluate individual strengths and re-delegate

“In many businesses there are people in the organisation that are barriers to progress. He helps leaders to respectfully navigate these difficult situations so the business can move forward with renewed vigour and an improved culture.” 

Shawn Murphy

CEO Skill Hire and Nara Training
Watch video to learn how to deal with difficult people


Don’t just survive. Strive for excellence.

And become supreme.

The business development possibilities are endless. So, how bad do you want it? Want to develop elite leaders, an elite organisation, and get supreme success? David will take you there with the Strategic Success Method™.

Your supreme strategic success is based on the deep alignment between your leadership members. It’s based on the fantastic performance throughout your business. And it’s based on getting enviable results.

Turn problematic attitudes into passionate attitudes.

Turn clumsy conversations into competent conversations.

Turn erratic leader behaviour into exemplary behaviour.

Get a well developed team. Get a champion reputation. So you can become the preferred employer and provider in your space.

The Strategic Success Method™

Here’s the 70:20:10 way to teach and develop your team.

Proper behaviour and communication is the way to preferred leadership. We follow the McCall Learning and Development Model to develop your leaders.

70% Action Learning (Through Workplace Achievements)
20% Workplace Coaching
10% Interactive Workshop Participation

“ They are disruptive and they combine science and skill to help clients achieve the results they need by challenging themselves.”

Australian Business Journal


You’ll be a new kind of leader.

The kind that doesn’t feel incompetent because they’re unprepared. The kind that doesn’t feel constantly stressed about the next surprise conflict. The kind that doesn’t deal with problems reactively.

Instead, you’ll be the new proactive kind of leader.

 ✔ The kind that is professional
 ✔ The kind that is confident
 ✔ The kind that is empowering
 ✔ The kind that has difficult conversations
 ✔ The kind that leads by example

With Metattude, you’ll get the mentorship you need to be the best leader you can be. For your people. For your organisation.

You won’t get a cookie-cutter plan.

You’ll get your plan.

Your plan to increase your performance and

productivity by 20% in the next 90 days.

Get your leadership coaching without leaving the office. We offer virtual services due to travel restrictions. We value the importance of meeting in person. So, if we can, we’ll come to you.

Increase my performance and productivity

Can you pass the test?

Get your complimentary basic business diagnostic. See where your progress risks stand for the Deadly Triad. We’ll give you a complimentary report with your score. We’ll also give you recommendations so that you can improve your business performance and productivity.

Get My Score

You can work with us without the risk.

You want to make sure we’re a good fit. We get it. Work with us for 30 days. We’re confident you’ll see the value. But if you don’t, that’s okay. We’ll stop, no strings attached. If you’re happy. That’s great. You’ll be glad you stayed.

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That painful break up with your

reactive self might just be your growth opportunity.

So, go for it.

Find out what problems are blocking your progress. Fix them. And develop using our Strategic Success Method™. Then you’ll be on the right track to being the preferred employer and provider in your space.

It’s time you feel a sense of purpose and excitement in your leadership role. It’s time you make something unique. It’s time you get supreme success.

Get supreme success

David doesn’t guess. He knows what works.

And he bases it on his countless success stories.

And now, you get to benefit.


Company with 150 staff

“In the first 90 days we focused on the senior leadership alignment, difficult people issues, and corrected measurement processes.”

See their success

Effective Executive Coaching

Effective Executive Coaching “Before the coaching started, the client completed an online DISC profile. The DISC profile measures behavioural and communication traits observable by others.”

See their success

Underground Services

Australia Pty Ltd

“The business grew effectively and significantly. The founder sold his equity for a very satisfactory sum. Mission accomplished.”

See their success
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