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Your Most Important Learnable Skill - without which you are handicapped!


When I was in primary school, I believed I was incompetent at maths. My examination results continually provided me with the hard evidence that this was so. My negative attitude and matching outcomes dogged me throughout my education.

As an adult I went on to create successful businesses and became adept at reading balance sheets, profit and loss statements and other essential financial reports. I also became adept at financial modelling and planning for my business interests.

I realised that my earlier attitude to maths was inaccurate and that I had begun each examination with the full expectation that I would “not get it” and fail. I made it so!

Many of our attitudes, which are our thoughts and feelings towards anything and everything, are limiting or negative, aren’t they? Many of them are inaccurate as well as hurtful, aren’t they? This resource is related to Attitudinal Skills training.


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