Values Do Matter

Whilst ever we humans have a head and a heart, and are the primary reason why our organisation can deliver its purpose, our individual and collective core values are sacred to us.

Break them and we become unhappy, even angry and certainly unwilling to contribute.

Abide by them, champion them and we become brilliant at our game, our culture thrives, we thrive and so does the organisation.

The evidence supporting the importance of core values, reflected in organisational culture, is overwhelming.  Without those values being lived, success is doomed.

The core values that are lived, create the culture of the organisation.  Not so the core values that are merely claimed and not lived.

This short e-book is designed to help your organisation adopt core values that really matter to everyone in the organisation, and can guide the culture to evolve your organisation to thrive, no matter what else is happening.

The Senior Executive’s Guide – You are of Value, Do something that enhances that Value

As a professional leader, and regardless of your gender, you’re often more isolated from authentic help than most other people. You find it difficult to get the time to seek the help that you really want. Your time is precious and there’s so much to achieve. And you’d really appreciate timely confidential practical help, from someone who gets it and won’t waste your time.

It’s not technical or operational help you need – that’s readily available. It’s those very difficult people issues, complex whole of business issues, and your own management issues, where you’d like expert help from a trusted coach who will give you careful listening and respectful straight talk, with strict confidentiality.

Download this free guide to help you choose the right coach for you.

Succession Planning & Practice

The succession plan is of immense strategic importance to the business and its management requires the involvement of the entire leadership team and certainly not just the HR department, although their input and coordination of the plan is essential. Find out how to implement yours by downloading this guide!

How to Change Your Attitude with Attitudinal Competence

Your journey to achieving power over your attitudes and your ability to obtain, keep or modify any attitude you want, can start right here with this easy to read e-book.

It describes ways to deal with our negative feelings and how to use positive thinking to change them.

It is an excellent beginning to your bigger opportunity to gain Attitudinal Competence – your ability to select your best attitude for what’s happening, adapt it if needed and not be stuck with habitual attitudes.

Master the Power of your Attitudes

The definitive workbook for mastering your attitudes – the foundation for your success, achievement and fulfilment, as an individual and as an organisation. Attitudinal Competence is a readily learnable skill. It’s easier than you might think.

Download your copy for only $12.00

Performance Mastery (PMy) System and Guide

The simple effective system enabling leadership engagement; employee engagement and sustainable desirable performance – directly leading to desired productivity, innovation and positive customer experience.  Performance Mastery (PMy) is designed around evidence-based practices and is multi-dimensional in its application.  Download the free guide today!

The Wings of Success

What Sustainably Successful Enterprises Do That Works
Have you noticed that some businesses, whether big and small, seem to cope with all market and economic challenges, and continue to thrive?
Have you ever looked at them closely to see why and how?

Achieving Successful Improvement Programs

An overview of how to successfully plan and execute any organisational change or improvement program.

The Wheel of Effective Leadership Behaviour

12 core behaviours for leadership that works
The definitive workbook for effective leadership behaviour: what makes up that behaviour; examples from history and the author’s experience; how to generate the behaviours and tools for improving those behaviours.

Ask or Tell?

The power of asking, the force of telling
Our clients’ favourite handbook with over 200 categorised leadership questions, and simple processes for listening, telling, asking, conversing, coaching and commanding effectively.