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Using KPI for Success in Personal Life


The core concepts of the “Balanced Scorecard” by Kaplan and Norton, have been widely adopted across commerce, industry and government, as an effective process for measuring and improving the sustainable performance of the organization.

Central to the Balanced Scorecard concept are the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) relevant to the particular organization. These are the primary areas, all of which must be measured and improved, if the organisation is to achieve sustainable success. For instance “operating costs”, “employee morale”, “customer satisfaction” and “revenue” would be some KPI for a sales-oriented organization.

As an attitudinal, performance and leadership coach for executives and high performers, I see the relevance in establishing personal KPI for sustainable success in the whole of one’s life. We humans are always better able to improve that which we can measure. This resource is related to Attitudinal Skills training.


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