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Is it any wonder companies are reluctant to commit to leadership development when they don’t realise an acceptable return on their investment?

Our firm experienced leadership development consultant.

We’ve designed our method to directly respond to our clients’ requirement to access leadership development that has a measurable and sustainable benefit to the organisation, recognising that effective leadership is a primary cornerstone of the right culture and the right results.

Our method for leadership development has four core components, based on the premise that leadership is behaviour and communication.

It also follows the McCall Learning and Development model of 70:20:10 – where 70% is learned via workplace achievements (Action Learning), 20% is by coaching at work and 10% is by interactive workshop participation.

  1. Assessing the Needs 
    • Interview senior leadership to identify the actual workplace results desired, not just the usual list of deliverables that tenders specify.
    • Interview a selection of participants to discover needs and create the basis of a participant survey of leadership needs, as well as discover contextual data for customisation.
    • Deploy the survey.
    • Focus group to explore the survey results at a deeper level, and add detail to context data.
    • Report on the outcomes of the above to discuss with senior leadership for the creation of the development program.
  2. Program Design
    • Cater to all learning styles.
    • Heavily contextualised to the specific workplace.
    • Experiential, interactive and enjoyable.
    • Practical exercises.
    • Includes workplace implementation aligned to specific workplace requirements (Action Learning) – for measuring ROI.
  3. Delivery
    • Deploy TrimetrixEQ profile tool to discover behavioural traits, workplace motivators and EQ of participants – data used to learn about dealing with different people as well as depth for personal coaching, which will form part of the program.
    • Each module is delivered in a thoughtful order.
    • The participants choose a peer coach and peer coaching continues post program delivery.
    • Delivery employs our FaCTTS method – each session will have components that are facilitated, coached, trained, taught and spoken/story (keynote style for impact and embedding).
    • Where possible use of technology to aid learning, self-reflection and self-awareness – e.g. recording presentations on participants’ smartphones; facilitator captures activity on iPad.
    • Time is allocated to the application to a real situation in the workplace (Action Learning) – building to the ROI measurement. What will be measured is discussed – both qualitative and quantitative.
    • For six months post the program, participants receive two email per week with ‘soundbites’ from the program. This has proven invaluable for reminders and motivation to complete the post program projects (Action Learning) and continue with peer coaching, supported where required by our executive coaches.
    • Delivery Tools and Resources
      • The program has a participant manual containing the modules.
      • Our own published topic workbooks are provided in e-format:
        • Master the Power of Your Attitudes
        • The Wheel of Effective Leadership Behaviour
        • Ask or Tell – the power of asking and the force of telling
        • Achieving Successful Improvement Projects – how we deploy change programs – and continuous improvement
      • We use the Situational Leadership model.
      • We use our own SITEP model for Strategy to Execution.
      • We use the military model for leadership presence – BFCR.
      • We use our own coaching model IGROWER – improving the familiar GROW model.
      • We use the DISC behaviour profiles for self-reflection and working with others.
      • We use we use our own Transcendent Conflict Resolution Model.
  4. Measurement
    • At the conclusion of the learning sessions, participants design Action Learning projects on real workplace situations that they will apply the modules to, for measurement of success and the ROI.
    • Peer coaches and supervisors will assist and monitor performance, supported where required by our executive coaches.
    • Acton Learning Projects are measured for ROI on conclusion, usually within a six-month period.
    • A final report can be required which answers the questions:
      • What has changed?
      • What results did we achieve?
      • What was the return on investment?
      • How will we keep the benefits?
      • What could we do next?

If this approach appeals to you contact David Deane-Spread via this web site to arrange an obligation free discussion to see how it can work for your organisation.

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