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Is This the Secret to Your Greatest Freedom?

October 7, 2021

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Imagine you have realised that there’s been a battle going on in your mind. 

It’s a three-way battle between ego, bias (your beliefs) and facts.

Facts cannot be argued, they are the plain evidence-based truth.

Then we interpret them based on ego and bias.

Then we argue with others about the various meanings.

Rarely do we argue with ourselves, we simply accept what our ego and bias dictates.

What if we were able to listen to different interpretations without making them wrong because they don’t align with what we already believe?

What if our ego and beliefs (bias) are not the best for this set of facts?

Would we have the courage and humility to accept something better, or be fearfully arrogant and stay with our existing thoughts?

Have you ever experienced the strange lightness of discovering your previous beliefs can be replaced by something even better?

Have you experienced the sense of freedom from improving a limiting belief?

As a teenager I has been afraid of heights and avoided the adrenalin of the fair rides.

Then as a soldier I had to master rappelling from helicopters.

The first time was sickening. 

The second was relieving.

The third and every time after was fun.

Now I’ve experienced the freedom and fun of the fair rides, aerial acrobatics (as a passenger) and thoroughly enjoy being exposed to great heights.

That’s a freedom I’m grateful I’ve attained.

What freedoms could you access by setting aside ego and bias using your courage and humility?

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