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March 28, 2024

3 Powerful Root Causes And Remedies For Systemic Flaws

First published on Forbes Sakichi Toyoda created the “Five Whys” (5Ys) as a method for identifying root causes of errors or problems way back in the early years of Toyota. He claimed that by asking “why?” five times, one could find both a problem’s cause and its solution. But over my 40 years of service […]

January 15, 2024

Mastering the Art of Delegation: A Key to Success in the New Year

Image by Dalle-E As professionals, mastering delegation is a crucial skill, especially in our ever-evolving work environments. The art of delegation goes beyond mere task assignment; it’s about ensuring clarity, commitment, and confidence in every project. This skill is increasingly vital in today’s landscape of remote work and dispersed teams. My experience across military, law […]

June 7, 2023

CEO,  Accelerate Your Results through Focus on Your Business Vortex™

CEOs traditionally seek to improve results by identifying the crucial key performance indicators (KPI) and focusing on them. I advocate an additional approach that has stood the test of time over the past 24 years with my CEO clients. Apart from the KPI, we focus on five areas, your Business Vortex™, creating an app dashboard […]

April 16, 2023

Mastering Authentic Leadership on Camera with David Deane-Spread

Original source: Ridge Films In this episode, join host Chris Schwager (Video Marketer and Co-Founder of Ridge Films) as he sits down with David Deane-Spread (CEO & Founder of Metattude), renowned business coach and expert in video communication. Get ready to learn valuable insights and strategies for mastering authentic video communication, whether it’s for presentations, interviews, or […]

April 3, 2023

CEO, Have You Got This?

As leader of a business with employees, regardless of how many beyond you, there is a business vortex that generates all the intentions and results of your business. The very centre of that vortex are the attitudes, behaviours and conversations (ABCs) that occur in the business. The ABCs are a direct reflection of your business’ […]

October 7, 2022

Did the CEO Really Right Size Her Business?

At a C suite networking function recently, I listened to a CEO proclaim she’d ‘rightsized’ her business. Her CFO, standing beside her, grinned and nodded in earnest agreement. Another jumped in and said “Yes, we’re going through that now. We figure we’ll save a lot and improve our bottom line by 12%.” There were nods […]

August 26, 2022

The importance of leadership training in small business

“You’re not born a great leader. But we are born with the potential to learn how to become one,” says business mentor and difficult people specialist David- Deane-Spread. David speaks with Avon Collis from Relevate. The original full article can be found on the BizCover website

July 20, 2022

The Australian Business Journal – The Need for Deep Leadership Alignment

‘Poor company performance is often a reflection of the boardroom, not only the senior executives’ states business mentor David Deane-Spread. This is the reason why, in his coaching practice, he focuses on top-level leadership development in order to resolve dysfunctional workplace behaviour and get teams back on track with hitting their KPIs. Read More

June 24, 2022

The 5C’s to Better Leadership

404 The Today’s Leader Podcast, Building Tomorrow’s Best Leaders Today Listen to “404 David Deane-Spread – The 5C’s to Better Leadership” on Spreaker. Welcome to 404 The Today’s Leader Podcast, Building Tomorrow’s Best Leaders Today. Today we have a very special guest, who joined me from the other side of Australia, Perth in WA to […]

March 10, 2022

The Number One Skill Required of the CEO

I assert the number one skill required of the CEO is Attitudinal Competence – the foundation and core skill for improving emotional intelligence as well as…

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