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What’s the Top Personal Skill that We Could Master Now?

August 18, 2021

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I assert that it’s Attitudinal Competence.

Your ability to adopt and adapt your best attitude for what has happened, is happening or could happen, and not be stuck with habitual attitudes that don’t help you.

Attitudinal competence increases your self- and situational- awareness, your adaptability, your positivity and your resilience.  It fast-tracks your emotional intelligence too.

I further assert that those attributes are needed more than ever, right now.

For how we deal with the pandemic issues, the economic issues, the climate change issues, the geo-political issues, our own personal issues, our workplace issues.

With attitudinal competence we realise that our fears, limiting habits and ignorance are the roots of all our human caused errors, conflicts and troubles.

We also learn that the remedies respectively are courage, better practice and continuous learning.

We learn how to ensure our thoughts and feelings are the ones we choose to have,  not the ones that automatically hit us because of a situation.

We learn to be adaptable and resilient, no matter what’s happening.

I disclose that I’m biased because I wrote the training manual for attitudinal competence way back when seeking to improve the performance of elite field operators conducting dangerous and high-risk activities.

Adapted for regular workplace and personal development the Attitudinal Competence Method has been tested with my clients since 2002 with remarkable results.

Given the circumstances we face now I believe the skill is one of the most important we could give our workforce and their families.

Fortunately, it’s an easy and enjoyable skill to acquire and can be delivered in a one-and-a-half-day workshop.

If this interests you, let me know by sending me an email with INTERESTED in the subject line.  I’ll send you an e-brochure.

Stay well and choose your best attitude!

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