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8 Questions to Help You Make Work More Meaningful for Your People

November 11, 2021

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Photo by C. Z. Shi on Unsplash

Are you having trouble finding the right people to fill vacancies?

Have you been disappointed by good people leaving?

It’s a jobseekers market now, with people being picky about where they work.

They aren’t just looking for money anymore, they are also looking for meaning, for purpose.

You’ll be more able to retain talent and find and keep new staff if you can help them understand why their work is important and that they are valued.

To help you help them understand why their work is important and they are valued, ponder the eight questions below. 

Your answers will guide you to help them appreciate why their role is meaningful and of value.

  1. Are your organisation’s values, clear, compelling and lived?
  2. Is your organisation’s vision and purpose an expression of the values and well known by all staff?
  3. Do all staff understand how their role helps achieve the vision and purpose?
  4. Do all staff feel they have challenging, important and interesting work, that helps them grow?
  5. Do you as leader trust your people, that they too want to do great meaningful work of value?
  6. Are you exploring how to help them finding better ways to do their work?
  7. Are you hiring more for values and fit than technical superiority?
  8. Is your optimism and desire for them to succeed, instilling a deep sense of purpose in them and the organisation?

What else could you do to help them know, feel and act on the meaning and value of their work?

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