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Seven Universal Laws We Dangerously Ignore at Our Peril

August 26, 2021

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Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

For much of my life I was ignorant of the 7 Universal Laws.

Instead, I was indoctrinated by religion, man-made law, economics, politics and political correctness.

The 7 Universal Laws, which also govern Earth, weren’t on the indoctrinators’ agenda.

Those 7 Universal Laws cannot be bent or avoided – they simply are, like gravity.

Those 7 universal laws usurp religions, man-made rules and science has proven them so.

Our indigenous know them, and we are all from those people, regardless of if you think otherwise.

Yet we’ve ignored them almost completely in commerce and our allegedly advanced societies.

It’s time we reviewed the 7 universal laws, for our times demand it of us now, before it’s too late.

What will prevent us from this honest review, will be our collective fears, habits and our ignorance.

What will help us to do this review will be our courage, our better practice and our continuous learning.

So, you could start now by doing your own work in reviewing the 7 Universal Laws.

It is not my intention to explain them to you.

Some of you will rant against them because of your beliefs.

Yet despite your beliefs the laws will hold true.

That’s for you to discover for yourself, or not.

Here they are for your discovery – there’s a link at the end of this to give you some help.

1. The Law of Attraction or Vibration

2. The Law of Perpetual Transmutation

3. The Law of Rhythm

4. The Law of Relativity

5. The Law of Polarity

6. The Law of Cause and Effect

7. The Law of Gender

Three questions to ask once you’ve understood the laws:

  1. How am I upholding them or breaching them?
  2. What can I do differently to enjoy life and honour the laws?
  3. How can I help others to enjoy life and honour the laws?

A link to help – and please look beyond this.

I assert that this is most important for us, lest we become extinct or zombies.

Zombies are those of us who lack self – and situational awareness and live in an entitled narcissistic destructive belief bubble.

Let there be no Zombies.

Stay well, keep learning.

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