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Case Study – Electrical Services Company

May 5, 2019

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In 1997 Peter King asked Metattude’s CEO to help him build his electrical services company.

At the time he had just left a career as an airline pilot and started Kings Park Electric, with a small office in Perth and few electricians.

Over the next three years we worked together to grow the business revenue by several hundred percent, grow the staff with a waiting list of electricians wanting to join the business, no staff turnover, a profit sharing scheme, personal development in attitudes and financial management for all staff, and won their industry award three years in a row.

Their story of success was published in the BRW magazine.

Since then the company has grown to be a leading national supplier with headquarters in Alexandria New South Wales, and offices in each state and territory.

Metattude regularly works with KP Electric to continue the development of leadership and culture to maintain steady growth, high productivity and low staff turnover.

Metattude’s CEO provides private consulting to Peter King, the KP Electric Managing Director.

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