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A Case Study of Effective Executive Coaching

February 21, 2019

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A senior executive, in his early fifties, who is also a technical expert, wanted coaching to improve the following aspects of his behaviour:

  1. Decision making – being able to make decisions quicker without becoming reckless.
  2. Clarity and succinctness – without becoming abrupt or leaving out crucial information.
  3. Less stressed, able to remain calmer and more centred.
  4. Improve general leadership/people skills.

Before the coaching started, the client completed an online DISC profile.   The DISC profile measures behavioural and communication traits observable by others.

It showed the client to be risk averse, very detailed, requiring maximum information prior to deciding (high compliance – blue); very steady and reluctant to change and avoided conflict (steadiness – green); low dominance/assertiveness (red) and low influence/people centred (yellow). See the ‘before’ image on the left.

It also showed the client to be quite introverted.

2.75 years later, during which time the client received executive coaching based on his request and the profile findings, the client redid the profile.  See the ‘after’ image on the right.

He received thirteen two-hour coaching sessions and being part of two one-day workshops with his team, over the period.

The client is delighted with his progress, thriving in his role, despite it becoming more complex and demanding.

The DISC chart comparison evidenced that the aim of the coaching had been achieved.

The executive coach is David Deane-Spread, founder of Metattude, using Metattude’s CIGROWERcoaching model.  He uses Target Training International’s DISC Profile, in which, together with Motivators, EQ, Talent and Acumen, David is an accredited profiler, trainer and coach.

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