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Case Study – Company with 150 Staff

February 1, 2021

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Report Date 31/1/2021


My client is the new CEO of a company with 150 staff and three business units, only one of which was making a profit. The CEO has been my client for eighteen years and I’ve had the privilege of serving him on his journey of either creating new businesses or, as in this case, turning around an existing business.

Their problem

The business suffered under unsuccessful leadership over the last five years and the shareholders, two founders and a venture capital partner intend to save, scale then sell the business in about three to five years.

They hired my client to lead the transformation.

I was engaged to help by:
Dealing with difficult people influencing a negative culture.
Facilitate deep alignment amongst the entire leadership cohort.
Coach and mentor the executive team to execute the strategy.
At the right time deploy my proprietary business transformation model.

Our First Step Solution

The first step was to analyse the root causes which were poor leadership, difficult people issues causing poor culture and broken processes, all of which led to some poor decisions and loss-making where they thought they were making profit and high turnover of talent.

In the first 90 days we focused on the senior leadership alignment, difficult people issues, and corrected measurement processes.

Following the outcomes of the first 90 days we commenced deployment of our proprietary model of supreme business success, which means the business is the recognised preferred employer then provider in their space.


The wins in the first 90 days are:
We kept the high value people who made personal changes and replaced a few others.
Profit improved in the profitable unit
Breakeven for another unit.
Lowered losses in the remaining unit.
Clarity of alignment and collaboration in executive.

The company is now stable, and the strategy is taking hold.

Now we are rolling out our proprietary model which will produce the desired results in the next 270 – 365 days.

We can deliver this via Zoom or in-person, dependent on current lockdown restrictions.

The targeted results are:
Growing profitability of each business unit.
Integrated management and measurement systems across the business.
High staff retention.
A waiting list of talent seeking to join the business.
High psychological safety of staff.
30% growth in new business with zero loss of existing ideal clients.
Non-ideal clients respectfully encouraged to seek service suited to their values.


As of 15 April 2021 the company is merging with a listed company rapidly increasing the value of the client company for all stakeholders.

I remain engaged to assist in transitioning the new people into the business and stay on course with the goal regarding becoming the preferred employer and provider in their space.

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