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Fremantle Commercial Diving Pty Ltd

May 5, 2020

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Back in 2005 I had the privilege of helping leaders in the mining and ports sectors develop values based leadership at a three-day intensive program. We did that at Nallan Station in the Murchison region of Western Australia.

I employed a young man to help me in logistics and catering. He watched carefully, observing the positive changes that occurred in the participants.

That young man became the managing director of Fremantle Commercial Diving Pty Ltd.

The managing director elected to develop all staff in the skills he had witnessed on our program.

Together with the leadership team, we began by re-establishing the values.

We then conducted leadership and safety leadership development for all staff.

Fremantle Commercial Diving is now a dominant company in its field and growing strongly. Their impressive clients are seeking to have all their suppliers follow the lead set by Fremantle Commercial Diving.

Their culture’s productivity mantra is ‘Safe High Performance 24/7’.

Everyone in the company is a champion of the values and the culture is encouraging normally transient divers to remain a part of their exciting future.

We remain serving Fremantle Commercial Diving as they steadily move ahead.

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