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How to Select the Right Leader

July 9, 2020

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Leadership selection is crucial for any organisation, whether the leader is C-suite, middle or frontline.

The cost of flawed leadership selection is monumental and potentially terminal for the business.

It must be a thoroughly planned combination of science, skill and system.

The current leadership of the organisation remains fully accountable for that selection.

That accountability cannot be delegated to recruitment services even though they have an important role to play.

Leadership quality remains a most significant component of organisational sustainability and success, more so now than ever before.

If this resonates with you and you seek a comprehensive blueprint for ensuring your next leadership selection is a resounding success, you  may qualify for my complimentary e-book “How to Select the Right Leader”.

To qualify email me and verify that:

  1. You are a genuine employer or head of HR seeking to appoint a leader/s to your organisation.
  2. You are not a consultant or head-hunter or recruiter or recruiting agency or acting as an agent for them.

I promise you that I’ll personally vet your response and if you qualify, I’ll email my e-book to you myself, not by automation.

Stay well, lead well.

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