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Discover David Deane-Spread’s Vortex Program™, a Simple & Proven Way to Unlock Sustainable Business Growth & Success

March 13, 2023

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Owner of Metattude and expert in helping business owners and senior leaders become preferred employers and providers in their space, David Deane-Spread is the mastermind behind The Vortex Program™. This is the ultimate tool for those looking to unlock sustainable business growth and success in their businesses, no matter their industry.

David is passionate about helping those in leadership positions across the commercial spectrum become more effective than ever. Moreover, he wants to help CEOs and business owners unlock the full potential of themselves and their projects, which is why David developed the Vortex Program™.

This valuable program provides powerful tools, insight, and resources to improve communication both within and outside of the organization, have more productive meetings, identify and address detrimental attitudes, ensure deep alignment, retain talent, and enjoy increased performance and productivity. There’s at least a 20% improvement across the business within 6 months with a commitment to the program.

The Vortex Program™ is a practical, no-nonsense approach to strategic and operational improvement that allows CEOs and business owners to bring every aspect of the business to the next level. 

David created The Vortex Program™ based on half a century of experience in creating, operating, growing, leading, and coaching organizations and businesses. That’s a wealth of insight and knowledge that not everyone can match. Through this program, David works closely with clients to transform their leadership skills and businesses. 

Anyone who wishes their business to become publicly recognised in its industry will benefit drastically from The Vortex Program™. Completing it will give leaders the tools they need to impact all key areas of business, including strategy, operations, administration, marketing, sales, and customer interaction.

This program is based on the fact that the Business Vortex is the epicenter of everything that drives success into a company–from strategy and innovation to culture and results, especially revenue. However, many CEOs and business owners neglect the Business Vortex or don’t pay the right attention to it. 

This is why so many businesses are merely surviving, instead of thriving and evolving within the market. Focusing on the Business Vortex is David’s specialty and it’s how he has helped clients over the last 24 years achieve incredible results, which speak for themselves. 

One of David’s many clients was Underground Services Australia (U.S.A.), a contracting company specializing in underground cabling and tunneling. This was a 200-employee business and David worked directly with the owner for seven years to craft an exit plan. 

For this particular client, the focus was on leadership behavior, alignment, communication, and the delegation process. This led to an improved structure, better revenue, and higher performance which enabled the owner to sell the business for a high eight-figure return on investment.  U.S.A. was then absorbed into the larger new owner.

This is only one of the many success stories to come out of Metattude, powered by David’s Vortex Program™, which can make an undeniable and life-changing difference. If you’d like to learn more, visit their website or contact David to get in touch!

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