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How to Improve Your Business – Fast! – in Just 7 Minutes

June 29, 2022

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Podcast hosted by Bill Prater

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • ‘Deadly Quad’ – biggest risk in the business
  • Applying the 5Cs
  • Effects of high level of stress in the business

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David is giving a free diagnostic so that you will get that clarity around your business. Go to https://metattude.com/deadly-quad-diagnostic


David Deane-Spread is a 25-year veteran CEO coach and founder of Metattude.  His clients range across federal and state government, public and private companies to small & medium businesses – his favorites, because they have the most skin in the game!

David honed his skills in the military, law enforcement and another discreet agency where he specialized in developing and leading covert operators. He later adapted those skills to serve as a CEO and managing director of both private and public companies in Australia and Europe, before realizing his true calling was developing leaders, because they have the biggest impact on the workplace.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

David informed us that his ideal client would be a business owner who has about 200 staff and want to improve their business.

He says that the ‘deadly quad’ is the biggest risks to the business. First would be the difficult behaviors that block progress, suck energy and cause mistrust. Secondly would be the misalignment and that’s wasting time, resources, and causing confusion. Then you’ve got poor delegation which really impacts performance and productivity. And finally, those badly run meetings that everyone complains. Which actually causes a total waste of time at disengagement.

There is a high level of stress when things are not working, and people start to feel frustration and disappointment because of slow or no progress in strategy execution. Then there would be unnecessary conflict. So, the customer satisfaction turns out to be at a lower level because the people aren’t behaving the way the boss would really like them to behave.

They tolerate unacceptable behavior because they can’t afford to lose them. So, they hang in there and deal with all the problems around them. Then they will start to micromanage because of the situation. And once they micromanaged, then they’re going to really annoy people. Threats and micromanagement don’t work. 

David’s Valuable Free Action (VFA):

Business owners should get absolute clarity about the actual state of their business regarding to that deadly quad, because too many business leaders make assumptions about those areas. Where are the bad behaviors? What’s it doing to us? To what extent are we aligned or misaligned? Is our delegation process working and are our meetings effective? And if they don’t have clarity around that, then they’re going to be bumbling around in the dark.

“One mistake is failing or avoiding to have the right conversation with the right person at the right time.” – David Deane-spread

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