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Podcast #74 Difficult Conversations Made Easy, with David Deane-Spread – HOST, NINA SUNDAY CSP

May 16, 2022

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David Deane-Spread is a hostage negotiator for business. He helps businesses having toxic people problems turn it around. “You cannot manage people, you can only lead them,” says David. “You have to influence, persuade, coach, support, champion, inspire and encourage them. You can’t just command them.”

My questions include:

What do you find is the biggest mistake managers make trying to deal with difficult behaviors?

What’s a process a manager can use when trying to deal with difficult behaviour?

Tell us more about the deadly triad:

· difficult behaviors

· blocking progress

· misalignment that wastes resources and time.

Leaders are meeting fatigued. They already have too many meetings. And some meetings work well and most meetings don’t.

There’s a lack of distinction between implementation and execution. You’ve got strategy, implementation and execution and all three require planning.

What’s the difference between leadership and management? When I hear people talking about people management, I know that they don’t know what they’re talking about.

You have to influence persuade coach support, champion, inspire and encourage them to do those things. You can’t just command them.

All of the stress created in ourselves is not created by what’s happening, it’s created by what we think about what’s happening and how we think about what’s happening.

Why people lie is because they’re scared; they might be scared of the consequences.

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Contact: https://metattude.com/resources/

David Deane-Spread is a former commissioned officer in the Australian Defence Force and a covert operations leader in law-enforcement.

He developed coaching and development skills in government service while leading high performance teams for high risk operations.

David served as a director and CEO of both private and public companies in Australia and overseas. As an expert negotiator, David helps leaders with difficult negotiations, difficult conversations and difficult situations, harnessing experiences from his background.


Contact: nina@ninasunday.com or info@brainpowertraining.com.au

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Author of ‘Workplace Wisdom for 9 to thrive; the 12 soft skills everyone needs to know for workplace success’

The Manage Self, Lead Others podcast is mainly for experienced and aspiring managers to explore ways to elevate and transform team culture. Nina Sunday speaks with key experts from Australia and across the globe who share their insights in self-leadership and leading others.

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