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Is Poor Delegation Costing Your Business Too Much? There's an Easy Convenient Fix!

August 4, 2021

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When you or your leaders are delegating (or not) a task or project to your team members, performance, productivity and morale are at risk if the delegation is poor or doesn’t happen.

It gets worse if your team members don’t know what questions to ask to ensure they have clarity.

Do you know how much poor or non-delegation is costing performance, productivity and morale in your organisation?

Would you be surprised if you could improve performance and productivity by at least 15%, by having everyone (leaders and team members) know, understand and use The Complete Delegation Framework™ that can be adjusted for simplicity or complexity?

There would be consistent high-quality delegation from leaders.

Team members would ask the right questions to ensure clarity of all the requirements.

There’d be a noticeable lift in performance and productivity, less stress and more satisfaction.

Especially now that there are more remote workers due to the pandemic.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a service or product organisation, The Complete Delegation Framework™ is perfect for your whole organisation, regardless of division.

It’s designed for both leaders and team members.

It’s online and accessible 24/7.

It takes 50 minutes to complete.

On completion you’ll download the accompanying e-book and the delegation templates.

Certificates are issued to all members who complete the program for accountability purposes.

If this interests you, watch the 7-minute course introduction to see if this suits you and your organisation.

Or book call with me here.

Stay well, lead well.

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