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Leader – Make Time for Your Stakeholders

March 4, 2014

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I know you are very busy.

I bet most of your meetings are either spot fire-fighting (dealing with urgent issues) or habitual time wasting sessions.

I bet you blow too much time on emails.

I bet you spend too much time on bureaucratic stuff that doesn’t deliver value.

I bet you’d like to spend more time with these people:

  • Your direct reports
  • The teams who deal with your clients
  • Your clients
  • Your suppliers
  • Your wider community

Could you do more of the following in order to gain at least 20% more time?

  • Delegate as much as possible of the fire fighting. How else are they going to learn?
  • Delegate to your PA the opening and reviewing of your emails, with instructions on what to let through to you and what to divert or delete.
  • Chop the bureaucracy habit to bits, and keep it simple and useful.
  • Schedule the time gains for meeting those stakeholders listed above.

What else could you do?

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