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A Leader’s Creed

January 30, 2014

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I believe in the unlimited capability of humanity
I believe our supreme purpose is unity
Through achieving our worthy shared visions

I am aware of my strengths and weaknesses
I strive to improve myself in every area

I question my limiting beliefs
Accepting the lessons from each experience

I share a vision, far greater than my selfish wants
My purpose is achieving our vision

I treat us as I wish to be treated
I live the values we desire
I honour our contribution to our vision

I seek power only over myself
I have no greed, nor its allies, for all that is unresolved fear

I will not suffer the vanity or doubt of my ego
I seek no status, except as a worthy friend

My fear is a caution, not a command
I face and speak truth with courage
Difficulty strengthens my resolve

I lead only us who choose to follow my example
And though I may lead us, I place us before me

I champion open and respectful communication
I defend our free will and associated responsibility

My worth is not measured by material gain nor acclaim
But by my service to our empowerment, our world
And the achievement of our vision.

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